I Finally Got One...

i bought him about 3 months ago, he is a chinchilla and grey in colour and his ears are both flopped down. his name is thumper though nobody calles him that.

he is the cutest thing i love him so much. he lives inside my house, he has a rabbit hutch but most of the time its left open so he can run anywhere he wants. he rips up paper and eats books and electrical cords, i dont mind at all.

i will let him outside when summer is over. i have a cat and a dog and they all get along.

he bit me on my love handle the other day and even though it hurt like hell it just makes him even more adorable somehow.

if i had of known how awesome rabbits were i would have got one a long time ago, he is my favorite pet, better than a cat or dog, though i still love them too of course.

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so i took the rabbit in to the vet to get sterilised last week, and they tell me he is actually a girl! hahaha i feel bad for calling him 'mr bunny', and 'bunny boy' all the time!

hehehe awesome!

we were at a swap meet last fall when my boys were smitten by a baby rabbit. needless to say, after some doe eyes and some begging i bought her for five bucks. her name is bunnicula. she eats cords, shirts, pants, socks, fingers, toes ... whatever she can get her teeth on. they are fun though ...

It does happen, my bunny, Robaire had burnt whiskers and that's when I decided to bunny proof, also, Opus ate my expensive computer adapter (to my laptop 2 x) Did I learn? I also learned how to fix cords and we have electrical tape on so many, hahaha!

thanks 1lilli ! ill have to chack out that site. i must look for some of the cord wrapping before my bunny gets electrocuted!

Rabbits are the greatest companions! We have two house rabbits and they are free, although one does love cords so we bunny-proofed our wires with coil wrapping we purchased at Home Depot. We absolutely adore these bunnies, <br />
I had a chinchilla mix(he was an eating rabbit the woman told me) so I bought him in 1989. We had him neutered (by an expert vet)as he sometimes sprayed, he lived with us for 13 years and got along with our dog too! His name was Robaire, he use to beg with our dog for cracker treats. Glad you found out how great they are! There is a good book called the House Rabbit Society Handbook which is a great book to have on hand as it deals with illness issues, foods, behaviors, housing,etc. They also have a great web site at http://www.rabbit.org/

not really haha, thats whats so cool about him, he just does his own thing, sometimes i cant find him anywhere at all. when i put food in his bowl he usually comes running.<br />
<br />
he seems to like getting patted, and if im sitting on the floor he will jump onto me.<br />
<br />
he just jumped up onto my bed right now and is walking over me!