My Boyfriend Is Racist

My boyfriend i been with for a while and its finally come to a point were its annoying. My boyfriend is really racist he will say things about any race except white. I am really upset cuz my family is spanish and he talks crap about that too. He is in love with the racist music he loves hitler and he loves the kkk. Me i cant stand people who are that racist i need help. He hates my best friend because she is Jewish now that is messed up. Please help me and tell me what i should do.....

krazyj krazyj
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 3, 2009

You need to dumb that *******

The OBVIOUS is often the hardest to accept and yet--it is right there before your eyes and tearing at your heart. This guy is NOT RIGHT and not right for you. You are not compatible with him, if he thinks that way. Even though you migh look like a good couple together--even though you may be comfortable with him in physical ways--If there is no MEETING OF THE MINDS-- all else is a waste of time and life. If he won't do the right thing--(which obviously seems to be quite ingrained in his psyche and personality) then YOU MUST for your own sake, DO THE RIGHT THING. Dump this guy, as soon as possible-- don't let the infectious cancer of his obnoxious and obsessive hatred--be that which defiles you. If he were the only man in the world- and possesed that demeanor--it would still be preferable to live alone and free from that depricating destaster wating for a place to happen.<br />
These are strong words--YES--but you NEED to be awakened to the Reality and anger of being at all involved with such a one. <br />
You have a CHOICE--- Do what's right for YOU (((PLEASE!!!)))