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I know that he is honest, in that he let me enter the deepest and darkest point of himself...  I am so glad that he gave me this part of him, I know that he is truly mine, I know that he isn't hiding his true self.  I know that when he says something, he means it.  He doesn't sugar coat anything, and that is very reassuring to me.  I hear some women talking about how racist their boyfriends are, but they never stop to take it in that, someone who can show you the negative, when they are supposed to be wooing you, is most definitely going to be a good man to you.  I know alot of people who only show their 'good' sides and they are liars and untrustworthy...  I prefer things to be dirty... at least I know it's dirty...

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I'd rather see the ugly in the world, and know it's there than live naively, and expect the world around me to change FOR ME, because the world is not all butterflies and rainbows, and if it's intolerance I am leading my children to, at least they learn that the world is not the garden of Eden that ended long ago, the world will not change by tolerance, it only gets worse... the future of the world is in our childrens hands... black and white... and I don't see any of the tolerant people making anything but violence as England is showing, the youth, the future, the tolerant! So, maybe I am a *****... I do feel special, and I am glad I wasn't born a different race. But you really should take a look at the world, and see if BECAUSE of you, that all around you is beautiful... is it all roses and rainbows? what are you doing to make the world a better place for you?

wow. Condone his racism because he confided in you that he'd think less of you if you were born the wrong race. Way to selfishly promote issues that will carry over to his children and possibly cause them to live with intolerance and, more importantly, others to live with his hate. But all is well as long as you feel special. *****.

Your welcome... I adore him, but it does depend on the girl... I believe that the goodie goodies are hiding something, and in this world to hide something from your lover, it is probably really really bad, or they are just liars... lol and both are very bad for relationships.. don't be that clean goodie goodie let them see all of you, the true you.

Very good spoken. Thanks =)

I never looked at it that way before.