Me, Him, You

Me; Please, just let me explain.

Him; No, you’re insane! You freaking cut yourself! Do you want to die so badly? Is that it?!

Me; No, just listen to please! I do it cause that’s how I get through things.

Him;*shakes head and starts to walk away*Ugh! You’re disgusting!

Me;*grabs arm* Please, don’t walk away from me….Don’t walk away from us..

Him;*spins around* Us?! There is no us! There was no us to begin with! How can I be with someone who cuts themselves?! I should have listened to everyone when they said I was insane for being with you! But no! I told them off because I thought they were the crazy ones for saying you weren’t worth it! But they were right! They have always been right about you! You are worthless! You are crazy! And you’re ugly and fat! I can’t believe I was with you for this long! 5 worthless months of nothing! God!

Me; You don’t mean that! Please, tell me you don’t mean that! You said you loved me! You promised me you would except who I am!...Please…..Just give me another chance…

Him; Another chance?! You want another chance? Hell no!! Are you crazy?! You don’t get another chance! You don’t deserve another chance! Or anyone for that matter! You’re better off alone! Go cut yourself or whatever else you do that you didn’t tell me about!*Turns and storms off*

Me;*falls to the ground gasping and crying*

You;*pulls me up and wipes tears away* It’ll be ok. Don’t listen to him.

Me; No it won’t. He’s right, I am worthless and ugly. How wants to be with someone who’s life is so messed up and who cuts herself?

You; I do. *holds her head and looks into her eyes*

Me; No you don’t. Didn’t you hear him? No one wants to be with me. I don’t deserve anyone.

You; He’s wrong about you. He’s only known you a few months. He doesn’t know like I know you. I know that when you think no one is watching, you cry and wipe tears away before they fall. I know that when you smile it’s forced. I know that when you’re hurt you wrap your arms around yourself to keep it together. When you’re mad you ball up your hands so that you don’t go off on someone….. I know that you’re scared of loving someone and that you think you mess everything up because that’s what people tell you. I know that you’ll fight for the people around you when someone say’s stuff about them, even if they don’t like you or you don’t like them. You want to be known, that’s what you’ve wanted your whole life. Just to be heard.

Me;*pulls away and wraps arms around self* Why are you here?

You; I’m not done yet. When you hear a song you always have a memory that fits it. You lost people that were important to you. When you see couples you wish that you could have that, that special person who accepts you and all your imperfections. . You hold everything in and never let it out, you have a short temper and you wish you could just let everything out, and let it be over with. I know that the first day we met that you’d be a handful. We’ve been best friends for a long time. I know you. I know all your secrets and i know when you lie. I know that you’re afraid that God won’t forgive you from the thing’s you’ve lied about. You’re scared of everything and you hate making decisions cause you think it’s the wrong one. The most important thing I know about you is this….. I know that I love you. Every day we spend together has made me love you even more. Every day we're apart it kills me so I spend all day and all night waiting to see you again.

Me; *turns around and looks at him with tears in eyes* You’re lying. You’re just trying to make me feel better.

You; I wouldn’t lie to you. Never. I love you, and I love everything about you.

Me;*silence*Were best friends. But I’m glad you feel that way. Because since the moment I first saw you, I knew I would love you. When we became friends and hung out I loved you. When you began dating other girls I wanted to punch them in the face because they weren’t right for you. But they were beautiful and skinny and perfect. But they weren’t me. I was hurt when you told me about a new girl, but I was happy for you, and that’s all I wanted for you, was to be happy. And when I was with him, I kept wishing he was you. When you and I were together I kept wondering if you felt the same why, thinking if you’d ask me to be with you. But I loved you even more as the days went on. I’ve fallen in love with you.

You; I love you, and I always will. No matter where we go, I will. *holds her face and looks into her eyes* I want to be with you until the day you get sick of me and leave. I want to be with you.

Me; I want to be with you to. *puts arms around neck*

You; *moves closer and whispers* I love you. *kisses her*

Me&You;*walks away holding eachother*
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I'm happy the way this story ended, but I gotta tell ya, THATS what ****** guys off, they pour their heart n soul out to U, & u turn around & say ..."Ur lieing!" ..

that sounds so sweet i wish i had someone who would love me no matter what.