Every day my head is full of these wonderful fantasies and it's getting out of hand. But the main problem is, i want a real rape role play and that's the definition of impossible. There's no way to feel safe and not in control, to be dripping with anxiety and excitement AND know you're not going to get killed or an STD or that he'll strangle you for too long or something...
Plus the few times I've tried to act it out the guy didn't understand. It's not "You there, get on your knees and suck my **** and then ride me." That's not really a rape fetish, that's a dom/sub fetish.
It's a "I want you. I'm going to have you whether you want it or not. I'm going to throw you against the wall and have my wicked way with you. I'm going to do all the things i want to do with you. Scream all you like, in fact fight back all you like, I like to watch you try and squirm under me, but I wont let you leave, you're powerless here."
I know it's not socially acceptable to like this, to want this, but I do. It's not unnatural or wrong either, and i'm not the only one, but I just wish I could find some way to fulfill it with someone who GETS it.
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I have played this out with two people in past splitting lip of one but every time forcing them under me and having my way with them. It can be quite fun with right guy that can be given free reign and just takes his pleasure from you and not care how you feel until after the play session is over