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I was born without a corpus callosum and am also missing my septum pellucidum. blind in my right eye( tiny underdeveloped optic nerve and no optic disk) also known as SOD= septo optic dysplasia or De Morseirs. it has however given me extra ordinary hearing in both ears, a photographic memory where I can draw or remember things just by memory and am able to diagnose cars just by sound alone. I am also a computer and medical whiz. the pic you see here is my CT scan from last march( part of it anyhow) the middle black portion you see ( 3rd ventricle) should have a white dividing line in it( the corpus callosum and septum pellucidum) as you can see, mine are missing. Doctors told my parents I would 'never be normal and retarded" well i graduated on the B honor role and skipped from 7th to 9th grade and aced advanced chemistry,biology and automotive classes. not bad huh? later on I went to college for registered nursing and aced that :) my neurologist is quite impressed with my knowledge and at times calls me the next 'rainman" due to his extraordinary memory capacity. if you want to know anything about my ACC or SOD.. just ask.
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Hi my son my diagnosed with SOD about two months ago. He just recently turned 4. I've always noticed that he had very good memory. He can remember things after only seeing them once nearly a year later, and in great detail. The doctors I've talked to know little about his condition as I'm sure you've learned also. So I guess my question to you is what were some of the earlier signs of your advanced memory and other over developed skills? Also are their exercises I can to build on these skills? He also shares your special skills in the automotive field. He has his own carburetor that he works on when we're in the garage fixing things. Any insite u may have would be awesome. I'm really trying to understand more of this and help him in his development. Thanks for your time. Sincerely ~chris. I would really like to pick ur brain on some ideas if at all possible. =]