Green,blue,brown and Yellow

I spose they are rare cause ive never seen anyone with eyes colours even close to mine.

My eyes are (going from most prominent to least): Green, Blue,Brown and Yellow.

Yes i did say yellow.

People alwasy comment on my how pretty my eye colour is and strangers always ask "where did you get your contacts from" to which i always have to reply "Its my natural eye colour".

I thank my parents for their mutant eye gene in me as my mum has Blue/brown eyes and my dad has pale blue.

Im a strange chicken.

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3 Responses Jun 6, 2009

Yellow eyes can mean you have liver disfunctions or you are a physic but you might not know it yet. I've had the same but mine shift from blue to green but that same yellow ring is always there.

i have been told by almost every one i meet and some strangers that i have green/blue/brown and gold eyes lol and i get asked the same thing bout the contacts and people are shocked when i say they are dad has brown/green eyes and my mum has deep blue eyes so i dont know where i get the gold from but i kinda like it :)

you shouldput pictures up so people can bask in you're beauty.