I Have Blue and Yellow Eyes

I have blue eyes with a yellow ring around the center. I googled it one day and it didn't seem like many people had eyes like mine. I also found out that eyes that have two colors around the iris are known as central heterocromia, i don't know if I have that or not but I'd like to find out! 

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me too

Me to except, the lining around my pupil turn white to gold and the band around my iris turns black to blue.also mine are turning sliver and white. I'm sooo glad a lot of people know how I fell about my eyes.

Cool to know there is a name for this. I never know what color to say when people ask my eye color. They're dark blue around the rim, then blue/green, with gold around the center. My heritage is Scandinavian. My mom has the same exact eye color and is 100% Norwegian. My sister has the yellow center but with light and dark blue and no green.

I was born with brown eyes but when I was twelve I woke up to green eyes and now they keep changing to dark green,light green and a yellowish green

I have blue green and yellow x

I have blue with yellow in middle. I'm mostly irish. An old Indian friend described my eyes as the sun in the sky

I have this too!! Based on google images it looks like central heterochromia. I never new there was such a cool name for my eye color!

My eyes have a blue ring on the outside then green and a thick golden yellow around the iris. Some times it will be brown as well.eyes are very fascinating

I have blue eyes with a yellow ring around the pupil as well. What I find cool about my eyes is that the ring changes colors. It's yellow the majority of the time, then turns a yellow/green, then white, then back to yellow, depending on the time of year. Cool to see that other people have the same eye color!

I have Blue eyes with a yellow ring the pupil also. They change from Grey to Blue to Green depending on my mood and I absolutely love them! I wish i knew the term for them, but the only thing I have found out about the yellow ring is that it is the pigment which codes for green eyes, but it dd not distribute completely giving the blue with a yellow ring. The pigment can redistribute at any time, and that can cause eye color to change as often as every day.

My eyes are pure yellow, yellow like a colored pencil. They are not Amber they are not hazel and the ring around like my eyes is thick and black. Everyone thinks there gorgeous but when your teased and taunted your whole life about your eyes and known as a freak it hurts. I'm 20 now, my eyes were crystal blue until I was 3. Why did that happen? My whole family has blue eyes. How do I have yellow?

I have light blue eyes with a yellowish gold ring around the pupil and a dark blue ring around the iris but some times my eyes will change shades

i am 15 and have a yellow color in my eye but not in the white and i dont know what it is and i would really like to know it also is just in small bits and doesnt just go around the pupil

me too x :-)

I have those kind of eyes! I've been trying to find a name for them but it is nowhere on the internet. I'm not alone 😃

My herritige is basicly from everywhere but a lot of english, canadian, and Australian.

My eyes have black ring around color part green eyes with brown flecks. I have no clue how unique it is but I haven't seen them often. My cousin eyes always seemed yellowish to me.

I have blue grey eyes with a slight yellow ring around the middle also

My eyes are blue with yellow rings, i think it's beautiful!
My eyes go blue or grey when near water depending on the lighting, green when in a poorly lit place, bright blue when in shaded photos and gold when in sunlit photos, and in an average light outside, they are blue with yellow rings around the pupil and purple/black rings around the iris.

Don't worry, its just an uncommon gene. I also have nice medium blue eys with the ugly yellow rings around my pupil aswell, but the blue changes from blue to green in different areas. As with the yellow to, it changed to brown a couple of times, not often though. Just some recessive genetics. Nothing to be worried about.

I was born with my yellow ring, my eyes do change colour from green to blue but that same yellow ring is always there. I don't mind it being there but a friend said it means you might be slightly physic so I googled it and there is a whole bunch of stuff like liver disorder and stuff but I don't drink. The only time I have had ghost encounters was when I was about three and I was in the room that my grandfather had been taken out of to go to hospital (where he later died) and I was alone and I started seeing things, I'm unsure if it was a dream. I have been dismissing it as a dream though. I can only tell the future with the help of runes in which I have sadly lost. I possessed the ability to read runes since I was 12.

I have light blue eyes with a hazel sunburst round pupil. My hair is mousy blonde and my mum and brother and sister are red heads with grey eyes, and my dad had black hair and grey eyes!!

My eyes are also different colors all the time. Depending on the lighting/mood/what I'm wearing. A lot of times they're like a gray. But also green/blue with a small yellow ring around the pupil. I never know what color my eyes are! It's crazy! I'm German, Scottish Irish, Polish and Cherokee Indian so I'm not sure if heritage has anything to do with it!

Maybe heritage does have something to do with it... My eyes are the same and I am German, Irish, scots-Irish, French and Native American...

If heritage comes into play than im english irish russian and scottish

I have blue eyes with a yellow "starburst" around my pupils and a dark blue ring around my iris... When someone looks at my eyes, they are shocked and can't stop looking at them! I'm Greek and Native American. I don't know if I have any other origins in my family.
I'm from Mississippi, USA (:

The better the liver works, the less yellow in the eye. A doctor told me that. If you look in the eyes of older married people (who dont drink so much) the eyes are perfect clear color. I also had this when i didnt drink for 4 months. Perfect blue. And lemon juice helps i heard.

i tried lemon juice ... but that stuff hurts like hell when i put it in my eyes.


Wow, this is really interesting, I have color changing eyes as well, they change with the colors of my clothes and moods, I also have blue eyes with an outside darker blue ring and yellow sunbursts on the inside. Eyes are so super interesting!

I am Irish / Scottish and some type of Native American.

my eyes are blue with a yellow sunburst and I am Irish/Scottish and Native American also!

Wow that is awesome do you know what kind of native american?


this is weird but im also irish/ scottish and native american (a few other things too) and my eyes are the same .. maybe its a nationality thingg

Im also scottish/irish and native american, and have light blue eyes with a yellow sunburst and a dark blue ring. Seems like a trend

My son who has dark blue eyes with yellow in the middle is native Canadian on his dad's side and irish/Scottish on my side. I have green eyes and his dad's are brown

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my eyes have a dark blue ring then we have the main color underneath the yellow line when u add they yellowsish ring u get a blue then the people i never thought that having blue eyes would be rare i think im stuiped to tihnk mine was rare knowing they wernt im like the only one in my family who has blue eyes it suck <br />
<br />
IM from Mason city ,iowa but i now live in clear lake iowa i have color changes in my eye duringt he summer it turns a greenish blue

ive got the same ive always had dark blue eyes but since having my kids they went like it unless it was before but didnt play much attention and detail i call it greeny blue eyes lol as my youngest has my eyes blue with yellow around the pupil duno what it is my other daughter has her dads eyes real real bright blue no signs of my colour

By the way do u have ginormous pupils too? Anyone? Like, most days it eats up my whole iris but it doesn't hurt... I wonder why

I've got gold hair with brown high lights but it doesnt sound anything like urs..

Ya I do too that's so weird!

My eyes have a dark blue ring on the outside, then a light blue, with yellow around the pupil. When I go in the sun and my pupils get small, you can see a darker yellow (almost brown) near the center. My eyes usually look green, but sometimes they look bright blue or gray. When I wear makeup that draws attention to my eyes, people ask if I wear contacts. Any idea what the color is? Currently my eye color is, "uh, I dont know, blue/yellow?" I'm of Welsh descent with light auburn hair.

I have the same eyes as you, and because of the big contrast of my blue and yellow color, some think they're green. But I've checked several times at different eyedoctors, in different occasions, that my eyes are yellow and blue. On my pass it's written that they're green though...

I'm from Scandinavia, Norway :)

i have the exact colour eyes as you described and i am as well German and Irish whatta coincidence

My eyes are dark green in the center with a yellow ring around the pupil and a dark blue ring around the out side. I have always thought they are strange. They look only dark green fron a distance. My mom has dark green eyes and my dad has light blue eyes with a dark blue ring on the outside and a yellow ring around the pupil. I have blonde hair and am of English decent.

My eyes are light green with a yellow ring around the center and a blue ring on the outside. My eyes easily change colors from blue to green depending on what color shirt I am wearing or the light in the room. My eyes are the same as my mothers and my grandmothers on my mothers side. I'm part Italian and Czechoslovakian. I love my eye color because it's different. Also, my hair color is a dark brown near the back, light brown kind of near the front, and light blonde in the front. It's all natural, I have never died it before. I always wonder if anyone has close to the same eye color or hair color as me.

I have very blue eyes with a bright yellow "sun" around the pupils. Blue like the deep ocean and yellow like a golden sunflower. In different light, they can look deep gray. I am of German and Irish descent but really a mixed mutt. Luck o' the draw!

I have looked at my eyes everymorning when I wake up and never thought so many people would have my color eyes! Mine are light blue with a bright goldish yellow ring , looks kinda like fire. Haha guess it's a good thing. Get alot of good comments from girls haha

My mom and dad both have greenish brown eyes. Me I have light blue with a dark blue ring around the outside and a yellow ring around the pupil.

yo don't your eyes always seem green and people like think you have green eyes?
also yeah whenever i'm horny apparently they turn grey

It's a celtic/european/german eye genetic... I have it also, so does my mother and we are of German decent. It's still very beautiful but it's not REALLY that rare....

I forgot to mention that my girlfriend says after sex, they turn grey.

I have light blue eyes with a bright yellow iris. They are exactly the same as my brother and mother, while my father and sister have dark brown eyes. This coloring of light blue eyes with a bright yellow iris comes from my 100% Irish Grandmother. My father's side is 100% Italian on both his mother's and father's sides.

I have blue eyes with a yellow ring around the iris too. I've not seen anyone else with this either. I have had people comment. Maybe we're just special.. lol.

I have the same thing. A dark blue ring around the outside and it fades inwards to a lighter blue and a yellow/amber ring around the iris. My brother has the same colour eyes, aswell as my dad and his mom :) my dads dad had blue eyes. my mom has green eyes and her mom has blue eyes and her dad had brown eyes :) I know 2 of my friends have the same colour eyes ! It's very rare, and I've always been fascinated by my eyes, to this day.

my fathers mom whom has the trait is adopted, and so we not to sure of her origin :) she has red hair aswell, which could indicate a gene mutation ?

I have the same eyes and it seems pretty rare because every time someone looked at them they seem to be very amazed and shocked due to the color

I have the same thing as do a couple of cousins of mine. Does anyone else have a sensitivity to light and glare at night?

Yes I do :) I always squint my eyes in the light

I do alot but Idk why but I can see very goodie pitch black mine are light blue and sunfirish ringin middle , anyone the same?

Very good in pitch black I mean

I have the same eyes. always been curious how rare it is

My boyfriend has the same thing. It is really rare for people to have such a thing like this.

I have the yellow ring inside of the blue iris as well.

I think your eyes are stunningly beautiful!


me too:)

Have the same blue yellow colour. They have an illusion of changing colour when I am tired or sad to green and sometimes even look amber. My boyfriend is transfixed by this but I've always felt that I can't say what the colour of my eyes are as everyone sees them differently so now myers eye colour is 'don't know' and that's plain silly lol!

Let me tell you something even if no one reads this. My mom had green eyes, and my dad had blue eyes neither with a yellow ring. If you are a only child you got lucky, because I have three brother all born before me with green eyes, none have blue, and no ring around the center. I have blue/green eyes with a yellow ring I have not seen in anyone in person with a yellow ring around their eyes. Let alone someone who has three colors in each eye. When I was in high school a few girls really stared into my eyes and told me i have some of the most beautiful eyes they have seen. At the time I was told my eyes were hazel by my parent not knowing what hazel really looked like. If you think the yellow ring makes your eyes the color hazel you need to do some more research. This is not common, it is not hazel, I don't know what to call it other than a gift. I am guessing if your parents have the right genetic heritage there is a chance you can get a yellow ring. From my point of view it seems like a 1/4 chance ba<x>sed off what I remember from school though it's not always that simple. There is a 1/4 chance for blue eyes, 1/4 for green eyes, and who knows what the real fraction is for the yellow ring. All I really am trying to say is people with this yellow ring are special.

I have Bright blue eyes with a distinct golden ring around the pupil. Sometimes they are referred to as 'Angel Eyes'.

Lol I never knew so many people have the same thing as I do. My eyes are sometimes Gray and sometimes Green and sometimes Blue but there is ALWAYS that yellow ring in the middle I have never seen anyone else with the same problem but you guys have it too! My Mom had brown eyes and my dad has blue eyes..could this mean something? :P

I have exactly the same eyes, gray, green, blue is what people describe them as. My father has them too, but only me being the first born of 6 inherited them. Pretty cool.

I have a navy outer ring, then medium gray-blue I middle, with a yellow inner ring next to very small pupils. Strangely, I went gluten-free and the pupils seem to be bigger now? And yes, I'm Irish, English, German descent.

Reading all this kind of blew me away bc I never really thought of eye color being significant, and before I got comfortable in my skin, getting compliments on my eyes made me shy, but I have light blue eyes with a sunlike ring around the pupils, dad has hazel eyes and my mother had brown. Out of our huge family,meaning cousins and all, my grandfather was the only other with blue eyes, and we both also are the only ones left handed. Everyone here is just kinda telling their story, but I'd love to get linked up with someone with info on this topic, this is a little forward I know, but text or email my phone at 8566890134, thanks

You should be very happy to have that eye colour. My best friend has turquoise blue/green eyes, with a sandy yellow colour in the middle around ther pupil. She calls them 'Desert Eyes', because they are like a sandy desert with a blue water mirage. And, she is a model, which means that eye colour is considered very desirable. Her eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Yes, I think the eye colour is quite rare (and very beautiful).

I have these colored eyes too! I have been told they look like the universe! Depending on what I wear they can look blue, green or grey. My mum has hazel eyes and my dad has blue eyes too!

My girlfriends eyes are like this they start out light blue then go dar blue and fade into yellow before the pupil they are pretty crazy looking and I have to say are the coolest eyes I've seen so far

And mine are as well.....blue with yellow ring around pupil...but what color are they considered to be? Blue or Hazel.?

My boyfriend has that too. And my friend's boyfriend does too.

I have the same eyes!!!

I have greenish- light blue eyes with a ring of yellow close to te pupil and a dark blue ring on the edge of the iris :)

My son has very blue eyes with a very yellow centre I was trying to figure out what colour they are. I have blue and my husband green/hazel.

I have big bluish,greenish, gray eyes with patches of yellow in them.My siter has the same exact color, but she has a ring of yellow around the pupil.But my grandpa has these hazel eyes with a thick la<x>yer of blue around the color.

I also have a blue outer ring and a yellow star in the center, which causes people to say that my eyes are green or hazel. My family on both sides comes from Scotland and England. <br />
<br />
What I wonder is if it is a trait of the Ashkenazie Jews, because my grandfather said we were Jewish. I don't know why he thought so, since we grew up Christian.

I also have blue eyes with a yellow rim. I've heard them called agate eyes. I'll be interested to read more about heterochromia.

My boyfriend has blue eyes with a yellow ring too. Very lovely.

I have dark blue eyes with a drak blue ring on the outside and a yellow ring around my pupil. People say I look like I have cat eyes. I googled it and it showed a guy with the exact same eyes as me and said he has whats called "Heterochromia." My 3 month old son has dark blue eyes and one has a streak of dark brown. I looked it up and it said its a hereditary trait of a parent with Heterochromia. Makes sense now. :)

I have very deep blue eyes with yellow rings around the pupil, they look a bit like a solar eclipse. My mother has light blue eyes, and my father's are hazel; it seems like this is a common thread for those of us with this eye color. I must add that I'm happy to have them, as I am frequently complimented for them.

I have very dark blue eyes with yellow rings around the pupils. They look like solar eclipses. My father has darker hazel eyes, and my mother's are a light blue. It seems from other posts that this is a common trait for those of us with this eye color. Interesting. I have to add that I'm happy to have them; they seem to draw a lot of compliments.

yeahh i have the same thing but mine have 4 colours :D<br />
a dark blue ring around the outside then a medium/ dark blue filled with white flecks annd then a yellowy orange ring :) my eyes are quite different

wow sound very pretty.....i have green eyes with a brown circle on the outside,blue circle on the inside and a gold tint so ive been told........i get asked where i got my contacts from all the time and when i tell them its my natural colour they are shocked lol

Ditto. My eyes are straight blue, but I have a yellow sun around each pupil that extends about a third of the way into the blue portion of my eyes. Depending on what I'm wearing, what makeup I have on, and what light im in, they can look anywhere from grey, to green to light or dark blue. It's pretty fun to play with makeup and change them up.

Mine are ice blue with a darker blue ring on the outside and yellow (very light) small streaks going from the pupil to the darker blue ring.

My eyes are grey blue with dark blue and yellow<br />
In the centre. I don't think it's really common I haven't seen anyone else with yellow.

My eyes are also blue with bright yellow around the pupil. The blue changes color tones, but many people notice the yellow right away, and think I am wearing contacts :)

Hey. My eyes are well. I have a big dark ring on the outside of my eyes, mixed with this thin light blue and the blue and the dark seem to blend togethor and they look periwinkle blue and graish blue. They also have this yellow ring that is very noticeable from a distance.

Hey. My eyes are well. I have a big dark ring on the outside of my eyes, mixed with this thin light blue and the blue and the dark seem to blend togethor and they look periwinkle blue and graish blue. They also have this yellow ring that is very noticeable from a distance.

Mine are exactly like that too-blue with a yellow ring around the center, except I also have a yellow ring on the outside of the blue too...sunflower eyes :)

my eyes are also blue, not green with a yellow ring around the pupil that makes them appear green

my eyes are like that too and sometimes the blue turns green and the yellow turns orange id like to know why my eyes are like that too

My eyes are blue with a yellow ring around the pupil also (as are my mother's and brother's). I didn't realize it was that unusual. My sister has blue eyes with no yellow ring and my dad has green eyes.

Please send me a picture

My eyes are like yours. They have a dark blue ring around the outside, then they are very light blue, with yellow around the pupils. but its really cool because the yellow makes a perfect star around my pupils . :)

I have amber color (yellow) around the puple extending to the ring of my eye which is dark blue. My mother's eyes were hazel and dad's were corn-flower blue. Dad's mother and father both had the same color of corn-flower blue eyes. My mother's mother also had very blue eyes like my other grandparent (Irish/Sotch/Germanic decent). My mother's father died when I was very young but I seem to remember they were green or brownish. All are gone now and I can't confirm his eye color unless there are color pictures in the photo album. So, I don't know what to tell you. Brown is supposed to be dominant over blue and hazel is a supposed to be a combination of colors, as I understand it. Blue eyes can carry the brown trait therefore, blue eyed parents can have brown eyed children. BTW, the blue ring is surround with bloodshot red sometimes after a night out -- that is a real sight and I can't get away with it at all. Busted every time.

I have blue eyes but that is very cool. I have never seen anyone like that. By the way I'm sad to see you are feeling blue right now!<br />
Please smile and remember the song 'Behind Blue Eyes'

my moms eyes are like that