Has Anyone Ever Heard Of This Name?

I think my parents made it up, but they won't tell me and I can't find it anywhere. Yes, I googled it.


It even sounds weird (Mort-tra-max-een-ah). Who names their kid that? 

I prefer to be called Mort or Maxie. My full name is just too long.

MortCheval MortCheval
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5 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Maxie is cute, more feminine morts a little too harsh

Oh man that is an awesome name!!!!! How often does it get mispronounced?

I have no idea... Maybe Greek? Or Latin? Maximus is Latin.. I don't know... Mort is French for dead or death, but I don't think my parent's knew that,. LOL


No, I've not come across it before (The closest name to it I've heard of is Maxine)...It would be awesome if your name did turn out to be unique :-)