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Have You Ever Wanted To Live In A Story?

I have loved to read all my life. I particularly enjoy action/adventure and SciFi books with exciting plots and evil villians. However, I continue to find myself intensely wishing that I was living in the stories. Chasing the bad guys, visiting different worlds, etc are all things that will never happen in real life, but I wish they would. After reading a good book, real life just doesn't seem to measure up. Has anyone else had this feeling? And how do you deal with it? I keep replaying sections of books in my head over and over and imagining what it would be like if it was me in the story.
Airbear13 Airbear13 18-21 3 Responses Nov 14, 2010

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I feel that way all the time! But I guess I just look at some of the flaws in the stories so it makes the stories sound less realistic in someways, so when you finish the book it's easier to come back to the real world.

Yeah, alot of books I read I would love to be in the stories. As the heroine of course, lol, I need a hero to save the day. I love history, especially when their romance historical books so I'd love to be in any one of those. :) I really love medieval books, of course they make them out as more a romantic thing, not true to fact, but I'll take the fictional story and live in it if I could. Why not, gotta dream once in awhile.

I have been through this, whenever I met someone so annoying and I hate in school, I just imagine that I am Harry Potter who needs to deal with these stuff and when I finished school, I'll leave here forever! (I know it sounds a bit silly :))<br />
<br />
And I love to be in some romantic comedies, I want to be in love in a movie. :)