I Am Not The Same In Real Life

Apparently some people think that what my EP profile says, is all there is to me. I assure you that I am a completely normal person away from here. I only joined because i accidently found this site through Google. I saw that there were these "experience" groups that had people with the same things I secretly get turned on by actually talking with each other about the topics. I figured why not see what this is all about. I joined with no intention of using my actual name with the fear someone would Google me and find this profile. So I decided to stay anonymous and then I can join any group I wanted. Well of course I have seen a lot of things that I am interested in for real but that would only increase the chances of someone figuring out who I am and forever knowing that I freaking like seeing slouch socks on women. I don't need anyone to ever know that, in fact Im not sure how I'd face them again because for me, its embarrassing and I'd hate to be laughed at.
So that is my reason for being here and keeping my identity quiet, I am a normal everyday person away from here, I'm a fireman, I like music, I even have a favorite color! So please stop judging me and saying the negitive things. After all, you don't know who or where I am so be nice because you may need the fire dept or an ambulance one day. God forbid that crazy son of a ***** who likes the look of slouch socks on a woman come rescue your ***! ;-)
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

yeah good for you .. you tell em.. you embarassed about them knowing you like seeing them on woman HELL i grewup wearing them and i still do..
whats up with that ... but i have to take them off at time doesn't really go with my collar hahahaha

Ive been seeing them a lot more lately but I didn't for years. Im sure a lot of women wear them with pants though. Something that hides them lol