Lost My Virginity Thanks To My Uncle

I have a real micropenis, it is 4.5 cm fully extended. I was always attracted to girls from the age of 9 to 15, although I have also always been reluctant to form any strong relationships / friendships with them. The biggest problem  I found during my school days was during P E lessons. I come from a very sporting family, and was quite good at football, running, field athletics, but of course participating in all these activities also meant taking showers afterwards. I was well aware of being different to other boys in the penis department, as I have an older brother, I had to try and cover my penis with my hands, and then try to dry myself with a towel one handed. one class mate must have caught a glimpse of my C**k whilst I was trying to change hands with the towel, and told a couple of others that  he had seen my c**k. He told them that it was all shriveled up. ( which is exactly what it looked like when it is flaccid.) I laughed it off and told them he must have been having a joke.
What they must have thought of me covering myself with my hands, when everyone else was parading around nude. I shudder to think, even the sports master joined us in the shower on day and he was hung like a horse, and when he dried his back he made a point of making his c**k swing back and forth and it slapped against his thighs. I felt so humiliated, and ashamed of my little penis. I finally gave up group games and sports when I was 15 and had left school.  I was born in Singapore of an English Father, and a Singaporean Mother,My father was a prisoner of war with the Japanese and my mother, brother, and I were evacuated to India on the last convoy toy leave Singapore before it fell to the Japanese, After the war we were reunited with my father, and lived in Singapore untill I was almost 10 years old,  My father worked in the Singapore Prison service, and every 2 years he had 6 months leave, when we use to come to England. We used to stay with my Grandfather, and grandmother, in their 3 bedroomed council house. rationing was still in operation so food and things like coal were in short supply. Baths were a luxury, so every evening i was ******** naked and was washed whilst I sat on the draining board in the kitchen. Uncles, Aunts, female cousins, all saw my little penis, and some times my cousins helped to wash me. I was aware of being embarrassed, but not overly so.  
When I was 11 my uncle came round to our house, (my father had managed to get a council house) when my parents were out. My uncle was well aware of my little **** from my days of sitting on the draining board.   I was watching television sitting on the settee, he sat next to me and started to chat, then he put his hand on my knee, and straight away I felt a strange feeling inside me.I was partly excited, partly curious, partly, i am not sure what, but not frightened,  as he moved his hand further up my thigh, my penis began to swell, and i opened my legs apart a little, but actually i had opened them quite wide, he took the hint, and put his hand inside my shorts trouser leg and felt my hardness. he told me to stand up, and when I did he took my shorts and under pants down, then he put his arm around me and pulled me close to him and sucked me. that was the most wonderful feeling. I just groaned and moaned in pleasure.   Every time I saw him after that I always got a erection.We made love, and had pure lustful sex for 18 years, I loved him and he often told me how beautiful I was. He never belittled me, and when I asked him about what should I do if I met a girl and wanted to have sex. He told me that if she loved me she would help in any way she could, and even put it in.  When I met my wife, and after I had plucked up the courage that is exactly what did happen. We got married and had two children. After 7 years of marriage, which I thought were blissful, I received a phone call from the girlfriend of someone I thought was a friend telling me that she had caught them in bed together. When my wife and children came home, she told me she wanted a divorce. It was then she told me that she needed to feel me inside her. Although she didn't say that she couldn't feel me inside because I have this very small MICROPENIS, that is what she meant, and it knocked me for six. I never went outside the house for two years after that, except to go to work.   I now have bi-sexual feelings and I must admit I have lots more enjoyment during gay submissive  sex.    

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What the ****!! This is possibly the most disturbing blog/story/comment i have ever read. This must be PROPAGANDA from Nambla or individuals sympathetic to their views. I caution any reader or commentor to consider that ********** is rampant and individuals promoting it are most prolific on the web. Even disseminating stories of children enjoying incestual sex is morally/ethically/religiously repugnant.

thats so dicusting why would ur uncle do love to u wene ur just a kid wtf man eww get a life

cynthia203, You have no idea what a boy with a very very small penis feels when he knows he is different from other boys. When someone who is older and shows you love, and it is what you need, you grab it with both hands, Women have not been the most supportive as was the case with my wife.

Good story.. hope you find someone who will love you for what you have... ;)<br />
Have to say the uncle part kinda turns me on..

Hi sportyguy,
just to let you know, I enjoyed having sex with my uncle right from the first time he sucked me off, I was 13 years old when he asked me if he could **** me properly. he used to put his penis between my legs up till then. the first time was painful, but when I felt his *** squirting inside me, I knew It was what I wanted more off. As I have said we had lustful sex for eighteen years. I still ********** and fantasies about times we spent together together