Life With A Microphallus

I was born into a family who were hoping for a male to continue the family name and line.   I never considered my genitals not being normal, even though they were on the short side.   Those days I could set on the toilet for a bowel movement and successfully stretch out my penis to urinate into the toilet..

I lived in a neighborhood which was just starting to develop about 1950 and there were no children my age.  I played some with older kids.  I also during my early years spent time down the road living with my uncle' s family amongst a group of three girls.  They teased me about the presence of having breasts, often telling me they were going to pinch my tities - that is till the day I caught one of them washing their hair at the kitchen sink wearing only a bra on her top - I gave her the same line then actually pinched hers.  After that they simply teased me about needing a bra. 

Our elementary school had no gym facilities, so I was  only naked for school physical exams (which I later learned were sponsored by the federal government to monitor the effects of fallout from nuclear testing).  I found these embarrassing.  Being that I was tall and bigger than most of the children, shy and quiet I became a target of a few smaller students that seemed to have a need to make my life hell for simply being different.

Junior High school meant long trips by bus to the district Junior/Senior High School,  gym classes where we had to undress in front of each other and shower.  I never gave it a thought about my size and neither did my classmates.   I remember being at a county fair the day before it opened and seeing a Clydesdale with it's penis exposed which looked like a fire hose, when normally it looked about a foot long protruding from it's belly.  I always though that was why my penis looked the way it did.

Wet dreams produced my first erections.  During high school I was in the Commercial class taking business classes with about twenty girls and about three guys.  Class periods were often spent with an erection in my jeans from glimpses of white girdles and panties.   As I was engaged in sports I got along with them, however, most of the girls I was interested in  were attached romantically to older guys.

Technically I was a virgin till I married my wife.  Most of the time I could reach about  four inches erect, although flaccid I had to hold myself to urinate while sitting for a bowel movement.

I wrecked a VW Bug a few years before I was married evidently resulting in a compression fracture in my back which started to bother me about the age of 40.  I was diagnosed as having diabetes,  then sleep apnea which I account for a 100 pound weight gain.  I gave up working to become a househusband as well as having a vasectomy so my wife could get off of birth control pills.   During that procedure I learned parts of my testicles were underdeveloped.  At the age of 50 I was found to have prostate cancer which I treated by brachytherapy - inserting of Iodine 125 seeds.  The ability to have an erection has been confined to nocturnal ones periodically.   I can acquire a semi erection and if stimulating my mind enough produce a small ***********.  This to the best of my knowledge is due to medications for high blood pressure, the diabetes and somewhat the psychological  fear of the nerves of my fifth lumbar being pinched during sex - instant deflating of an erection.

The prostate procedure has caused my length to diminish and my scrotum to become about four times as big as it previously was. My penis resides inside my body much of the time, I look as if I have a vagina with a scrotum and testicles much of the time.  Sitting on the toilet requires using a hand held urinal held between my legs to catch any urine.  My bladder doesn't always clear itself - thanks in part to a kidney stone surgery which hinders the flow of urine from left kidney to the bladder - when I think I am done ultimately I am not resulting in wet underwear sometimes.  

"Why do old men walk bent over?"

"Because their scrotums sag with age and they get their balls caught between their legs.."

That just about sums up getting up and down out of chairs. 

Why was I born with a small penis?

My best research indicates possibly my mother was given the estrogen  DES during a time in her pregnancy with me that she was confined to bed rest to save her pregnancy.  This evidently coincided with the development of my gender.  It accounts as to why I was taller than most boys my age (actually most were a half year older than I) in elementary school, why my hands have had long slender fingers and a life time of having breasts.

Right now I am at an all time low.   I am tired of dealing with the bathroom problems - does size matter - it does in the day to day things of the quality of life.  

Correction - basically I haven't found any except for two male operations.  The first to cause enough of my penis to remain outside the body cavity (Dr. Qz  says I could gain an inch by losing weight but that still wouldn't add to the actual length).  The second is a plastic surgery procedure to make the penis thicker and slightly longer which I see as no improvement,  especially since I am over 60 now.  Frankly I would rather undergo a sex change so I would no longer be cursed with it, although that would greatly complicate my life as I have a wonderful wife and two children.
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I don't know what is worse; to have something so small that can cause humiliation; or just have nothing there at all; removed; so at least there would be nothing for anyone to make fun of?

you have what you have bethankfull that you are alive and can do things for yourself

Hi 28Brook,<br />
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I read your story on the forum and I was totally taken aback. I have not heard of such a severe case before. Seems like you experienced a series of unfortunate events that have led you to a unusually difficult situation now.<br />
<br />
I am writing to you because I work for The Learning Channel on a series about unusual sexual conditions. I think we would be very interested in featuring a story such as yours as part of our show. We have connecting with individuals who have a micro penis, and are learning about how significantly this can impact their lives in numerous ways.<br />
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We are looking for a participant for our show who could speak first hand about their experience on camera. I know that your situation is very serious and private in nature. But I am wondering if you would ever consider sharing your story in an effort to shed light on this experience, especially for those who are going through something similar.<br />
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The show is documentary style and told entirely through the perspective of the participant who has first hand experience of the situation or condition. There is no narration, but we augment their story with the perspective from medical experts and the participant's loved ones. Filming takes about 2 days (interviews and some footage to establish who the participant is and where they are coming from). We give each participant a modest compensation of $1000 to cover incidentals.<br />
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Please let me know if you would ever consider participating in this show. If you would like to find out more, please email me at<br />
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Thank you for your time and consideration!<br />
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Lindsey Savino<br />
Casting Producer