Adult With Micropenis

I'm 45 with a micropenis that barely reaches 2.75 when hard. I divorced not long ago and have not found the courage to start dating. I'm curious about other men close to my size and their experiences.

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41-45, M
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Hi, your post is a few years old but your situation sounds a lot like mine. I'd be interested in seeing how things have gone for you and maybe even learning from each other

Hi, thanks for your reply to my post. I'm glad to meet others like me who are in the micropenis range! The last couple of weeks have been busy and barely had a chance to go online until just now. Hope 2016 is turning out to be great for you.

Thanks, and so far 2016 is off to a good start. I'm glad you're still around, I'm just starting to explore this site and connecting with you, and others like us, is just what I need. I've talked to too many guys who think they are micro but they aren't. Hope you're busy days are slowing a bit and that 2016 is off to a good start for you.

Thanks for your best wishes. Yes, navigating this site is somewhat different that other sites; at least for me it took a while to get familiar with the format. I agree with you, I often find some men claiming micro or tiny sizes but in reality they are not. I'll use the email option to send you some more info. Cheers

I just realized I cant email you until you add me to your circle.

I added you to my circle of friends so you should be able to email me now

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What are ur thoughts about changing that I'm 33 and its very uncomfortable and I know my wife isn't satisfied

If by uncomfortable you mean not being able to satisfy your wife because of a smaller penis, then, I think one of the most important things I have learned is my women partners all enjoy the romantic details that get them in the mood for intimacy, that foreplay is key, don't forget to caress her intimately with your hands and mouth, and after all that is done then work with your small member through the positions that she feels work the best. Don't jump to penetration before all the prework is done.

There are a lot of us

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Hi. Thanks for your interest. It has taken me a long time to share my thoguhts about having a micropenis and have done so only because of the privacy provided by this format. Regretfuly I'll have to decline your offer.

hi 13/4 inch errect penis and 1/2 inch flaccid e mail if u want

Thanks for sharing. Keep in touch.

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I have a micopenis like you - but I bet I am smaller. I have pics posted so make me a fiend and maybee havr a private chat. us micros tend to hine in corners but naybe a chat may help,

Thanks, we'll do. I'll send you a private message.

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I am a male with micropenis as well. I extend to 3 inches when hard which has caused me a lot of embarrassment over the years. But as they say, live or die so I choose to keep trying and continue to make the rest of myself a better person for someone to love. I would love to know more about your life.