My *** . .

I've been told it is the best feature on me, of course being petite, with a huge bubble butt always stands :P You decide
SensualSexyNaomi SensualSexyNaomi
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mmm looks delicious baby :p

petite and a bubble butt - that does it for me - all I need now is to see the pics!

If thats your *** in your profile pic ,then have a nice ***.

For a man, there is no end to the joy that petite women with cute little bubble butts provide. Women that know the sex-appeal of their butts also know that when one tempts someone with something, secude him with it, he should also get it. She sits down on her knees, positions her feminine form on her elbows, then throws a naughty and sensuous glance over her shoulder. The man cuddles her and whispers sweet, encouraging words as he sinks into her petite derriere... She feels his fulness, his masculine power slip inside and starts to writhe in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Soon the pleasure drowns out the pain and he unloads within her little *** as she quivers and sighs in intense delight. Happy to be filled and completed, being administered the liquid that is the ultimate proof of her behind's appeal.

I really cant tell with just that one picture---I am an *** man and consider myself to be an expert assologist---let me see the rest your pics so I can give a better judgement :)

Very nice indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to feel your but, but for now I'd settle for being able to see it!!!

It is gorgeous!

its amazing *** . i love it

Looks great. I agree that you have a nice butt. Any more pics to share? Would love to see.

I'll give it 10, well 9 5/8" any way 'cause that's all I got to give.

very nice :)

i love your peach bum

How about adding me so I can see that beautiful butt a little closer?

i love it, and i've officially been an "*** man" since i was a teenager so i've inspected my share and yours is glorious

Your *** is yummy sweety! *kisses*

i would love to see it

Your *** is amazing. It gets my **** to stand up.

Your *** is definitly Awsome but can we see more of you?

Your *** are so big... i lick your buts


Ty sweetie

Naomi...Your butt is gorgeous hunni!! :)

I agree....Yes you do! You have a MOST WONDERFUL ***!!!!!!

It does look rather incredible and edible form what I can see...although I do believe that some closer inspection is warranted. :-)

Beautiful butt, do you have shots from different angles? Because your description does sound yummy

I agree with Girlie do have the *** of a godess!

Well,I'm not surprised that this one is unanimou! Fantastic ***, honey!! The *** of a godess...

oh you have a gorgeous butt love to stroke, lick and kiss it

Absolutely mind blowing!

sorry about the waist, but as for your ***...yum yum...lick lick

Only bad thing about it is my waist is so much smaller, & it's hard to find pants & shorts that fit right lol

I wish that I had a butt like yours, mine is too small.

LoL y'all are making me blush :P

Yeah I get that sometimes :) Thank you

your *** in amazing

Yep it's mine :P thank you