I Know It, That's Why I Show It.

I love my butt, I really do. It's honestly my favorite thing about my body. I love being naked, so, people tend to see my butt quite a bit, but that's okay because I know how great it is. And other people are constantly telling me how great it is too haha. People are always walking behind me when I'm in a group, and I know right where the guys' eyes go. When I walk around naked, I try to show off that part of my body the most. I walk with a certain movement, I stick it outward when I'm standing, and I raise it up when I'm lying down. My *** constantly gets smacked (by both guys AND girls) and I love it, I take it as a compliment. Plus, my boyfriend is always grabbing it, so I know I'm not alone in this thought of how cute it is.

I frequently show butt cleavage when I am wearing clothes and sometimes I actually wear my pants below my cheeks with a shirt covering them so no one can see I'm actually walking around with my bare *** out! I almost never wear underwear, which leads to me mooning people and getting pantsed quite often. One time at a party these 4 kids found out I wasn't wearing any underwear (I don't remember how, probably saw my *** crack sticking out of my pants) and they pantsed me 11 TIMES that night haha. My butt was shown to everyone, which was like 45 people, 11 times! If I believed in God, I'd thank him for my nice butt.

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27 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I thank God for your great *** too.. as girls like you make for many sunny happy days

Yes you do

you know how to get to the bottom of things

Taunting and flaunting your pretty derriƩre is one thing, I mean showing your cute little butt to people to arouse and impress them. And yet it means very little unless you have actually given a man access to your butty; have you? The male hardness sliding between your feminine buttcheeks, thrusting until the liquid gushes out and fills your tight girly rear. What you advertise with must actually be obtainable!

Do you like when anybody kiss your butt?

This is good you be pround of this your beautiful part!

I'd like to see your butt too! This is my favourite part of female body!

I'm an *** man myself would love to see yours! Please add!

damn your awesome

beautiffull buttocks god give you

beautifull bum dad no spank or mom before

i wanna see it

You have a very nice bottom. But is it spankable?

wow that is pretty hot right there. very hot. ;o

oh wonderful one is nice ***<br />
I love him too and ran after him<br />
wow and there you can do so much with grrrrr

The world need more lovely people like you....

Yes natural beautiful structures should not be kept as private properties, they should be put for public displaY

It looks pretty damn good, I wish I was one of those kids, but with a butt like that I would of taken your pants away from you that night, and did they just see your *** or did some get the full view I didn't really understand that, was your shirt long, were you only able to show one side? Not trying to be an ***/perv saying this but I really was wondering.

that is the sexiest thing when a woman wears low jeans or pants with her crack out. would love to see yours!

Thanks for sharing.<br />
And so refreshingly different to encounter a girl who loves their butt.<br />

Sounds like everyone had a great time. I'd love to see your butt.

I'm very partial to female butts.

No, That's not me in the avatar.

Would LOVE to see it.....! Please Add!

Heh heh, well thank you both very much

I get the impression that the butt is but one aspect of a very beautiful and intelligent lady.

Uhh somewhere in between those two

Thank you! I agree haha.