The Drive In Movie.

Several years ago, I went with my friend John, his ex-wife and their three kids to see Shrek 2 at the local drive in movie theatre.  It is the only one of it's kind near here, and it is a cheap way to see movies that are still in theatres.  Back then it was like $8 a car, instead of $11 per person.

Well, as you may have guessed, a cheaper place to go do something entertaining is going to attract rednecks.  Well, we pulled our car up beside these people.  The man had a mullet and a NASCAR shirt on, of course.  The woman was barefoot on the dirty *** ground, smoking like a chimney, with teensy weensy shorts on.  But, that is not the best part.  They had their tiny, poor, precious baby laying on the hood of their beat down car.  I mean, this kid could not have been more than two months old.  He was laying on their car!  There were mosquitos flying around and the mother was smoking all around him.  I was appaulled

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I remember a story my mother told me. Here is how it goes, and I was the third so yea...<br />
First kid: <br />
Take every precaution, OH GOD he is eating something off the floor, Take it out, and keep him pampered.<br />
Second Kid:<br />
First one survived, but still cautious. he ate something on the ground, He will most likely be alright.<br />
Third kid:<br />
Eh the other two survived.<br />
<br />
And yes My mother is joking with all that. But I still think she meant some of it. Your first kid you want to treat like the only thing you care about, but as time goes on and you have other kids, You realise that you dont have to be Overprotective. My mother told me. Let the baby cry for a bit, or else it will always expect you to come immediately, it will be impatient and rely too much on you.

I was appalled, you say and I thought all this time you were BellasHappyPlace.

OH. LORD. <br />
<br />
Sort of sounds like the other night here. I heard a "THUD" next door. The old man that lives there muttered something at the cat on the porch and threw its bowl at it. I proceeded to hear MORE throwing and cursing.<br />
<br />
Although that isn't redneck-y, that was just drunkeness. However if you saw these people you'd think otherwise!

I mean, when I was living in New York, there were these neighbors that got drunk and fought nightly. One night, the mother was chasing her boyfriend down the road with a baseball bat and we had to call the cops because the child was screaming and crying in the street.

I agree about the stereotyping and the South. Anyone in the world could do this; however, it seems to be more of a "redneck" type thing. A redneck can live anywhere guys!!

Lol! Don't worry, nobody's gonna find out.

Haha, I don't know why you're shuddering! You and Billy Ray took Jethro to the bar on your way home from the hospital with him when he was two days old.

I live in the south too. I know all about the southern stereotyping, I also know from living in New York a while that rednecks are NOT exclusive to the south!

Hey! She was smoking like a chimney to drive away the mosquitoes! lol Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm originally from redneckland (GA) and television has gone a long way in convincing viewers that all folks from the south are dumber than dirt and are rednecks. I'd say that you will find more redneck mentality in Walmart than any place on earth. There I go stereotyping again! THAT is on my list of resolutions for 2010!

I will have to agree with Bella on this one. I am 5 minutes from Talladega where I am. About 50% of the time , rednecks ARE sporting the Nascar gear. However, the other half are not. However this can go with anything really...<br />
<br />
As for the children and all, doesn't surprise. Sad even. But that is a normal thing around here. =/

Oh, I know plenty of upstanding people who enjoy nascar. Just because someone IS wearing a nascar shirt doesn't mean they are a redneck. BUT if they are a redneck, they are most likely wearing a nascar shirt. I came to the redneck conclusion based on every piece of information I gathered that night.