So 7 Months Later He Tells Me He's In Love With Me And That.....he's Married! Need Advice...

I met a guy on an online social network, not FB but MYB. Needless to say we met for a little unofficial date. We hit it off by means of we really got along, loved each others sense of humor, talking etc. I'd just gotten out of a very turbulant relationship and I made him, and everyone I'd talked to, that I was not looking for a relationship just yet bc that last one left a lasting mark. I also didn't just want to date the first person I ran into. I wanted to date around. Just dating the next person was something I'd always done and I wanted to break out of that.

Fast forward 2 months. He's in the Navy and was in my area bc he was waiting for orders for his new ship in FL. Now, the drive from FL to VA is about 10 hours. This guy made the trip like twice in one month just see and visit with me...and only for like two days. It made an impression on me. We talked every day, skyped here and there, texted etc.

Fast forward to about this time: So he came up to visit for like a week. New Years was great. We had a nice dinner and ran in the New Year just watching movies. He left on Friday and then today I get an email saying that......HE'S MARRIED!!! Married and going through a divorce. He lied about everything is seems. He knew how I felt about honesty and trust. I stated it repeatedly during the course of our getting to know each other. 7 months in and I was still feeling wierd about being official with him. So he told me his sob story. Had been married for 8 years, has a house with the woman, she's a nut job that has been committed several times, been in the process of a divorce since he got back to the states from overseas....all of this.

Thing is, I had my doubts about something long term with him but now he's saying he's falling in love with me and that he loves me. I've had the feeling he's felt like this for some time now.

I want to know what I should do. I know my parents will hate him now because of this. I hate him now because of this but in a way I sympathize with his situation with the crazy nut job wife. Thing is I like him but in a way dont so this shouldn't really bother me but it does bc I feel betrayed and yes hurt.

My question is what do you think I should do? What would you do in a situation such as this? You've talked to someone for close to 7 months, you're hesitant to be in a relationship, they tell you 7 months in that they are married and that everything they told you about it was a lie.

Should he get a get a second chance???
He says everything they have to go to court she fakes being crazy and checks into a psych ward.

p.s. This is a guy that was fine with just getting to know each other till I wanted to become official if it came to that. I'd also gone a year and some with out having sex, even with my ex (it was something we'd both agreed on). He was fine with that but I did end up sleeping with him which means I slept with a married man not know he was married. It also ticked me off because he knew how much that meant to me....not sleeping with someone again till I was certain.
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soory i think you new buddy and his wife were well matched. they both are nut cases i would recomendyou go slow you sounf like you had a bad one already good luck with where ever it takes you

lol :)
Thank you for the advice!