I Just Started To Have A Relationship With A Married Man...

It was really unbelievable how i ended up consenting for this relationship... I was raised with good morale but i just don't know what happened... I have a 3 year on-off boyfriend as of this time... Really getting fed up with my current relationship. 

Sometime in January, a radtech added me up in a social networking site.. I confirmed his friend requedt because we are in the same company.. I asked him how did he knew me.. He said i was his trainer in one of his company trainings last september.. And that he was looking up for me since then... We have been texting for a month since then.. We had a lot in common and we assumed we are soulmates... We really had fun together... I knew all along that what i am doing is wrong.. I knew that he has 2 kids and his wife is pregnant.. But still i am very happy being with him. Then april 17 came his wife gave birth... And he went on leave for almost a month... No calls no text no fb message... I have cried a lot during this time cause i missed him so bad! He gave me a textafter 2 weeks and he said he loves me and wanted to see me... I never did replied back..when he said i love you... Then came april 26 which was supposedly our 2 month together... I accidentally sent a blank message to his phone... Not knowing that his wife is guarding his fone.. I received a lot messages from the legal wife... That made me realize i am in a big mess... But still i am looking forwars to seeing him this coming May 14, 2012. 
eirenejoy eirenejoy
26-30, F
May 5, 2012