Married Man

this is the update to my relationship with a married man

actually he did leave his wife. not because of me because she is crazy! and i am not making that up......she is bipolar and wont take meds. they tried to work it out and couldnt! we were just friends for years and it grew to more. i dont feel like he betrayed her for me........ the divorce papers are being signed this week.

other relationships i have had with married or single men have never developed over time as much as this one has and i actually feel really good about where this is going!
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Good luck Jeb1115!

You should feel good about his decision. Your guilt is because you carried on while he was married but he's leaving her because of her behavior. I hope everything works out for you.

i am glad that there are people out there experiencing the same as me.....i was starting to feel alone. My partner and his wife are just starting the seperation and i feel guilty thinking that i might be apart of it...regardless of him telling me that they were leading down this path before out relationship

I WANT TO FEEL ALIVE...........too

i am in a similar boat...i met a guy about 10 years ago and we reconnected while i was in college, but he was already married. we just stayed friends, we lived far apart so we never hung out, just talked through the internet and sometimes text. recently i moved closer to him (not for him) and we hung out and started talking more and more. It reached a romantic level, and recently he mentioned he was leaving her, not for me, because he had been unhappy. i am excited to see where this goes, besides the cheating on his wife part, he is exactly the type of person i want to be with.<br />
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wolfen-you don't go out looking to start something with a married least i didn't. we were friends, and yes i was very attracted to him, i'd had a thing for him ever since we first met, but i made sure not to make an advance, he made the first move. i'm not particulary proud that he cheated on his wife with me. the heart knows truths that the mind cannot understand.<br />
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good luck jeb1115

i will make no judgement, but it is so rare because i know a lot of married men who cheat that love their wife that would not even attempt to consider to get a divorce.