My Aunt Sis

First of all, to this day I don't know why she's called Sis. I do know that she's the oldest of my Mom's siblings and she's a sweetheart. I have never heard her raise her voice and she has never yelled at me. We would visit her every summer as a child and she was just as excited as we were. When my Mom died my Aunts did their best to fill the void even though they had their own families. My Aunt was a single Mom but she still found the time to spend with me and my siblings. I have never once heard her complain about her life although I found out that she left her abusive husband. Whenever she comes to visit my cousin she always ask to see me and my children. This time was no different with one small exception. My cousin told me with urgency to come see her now because next time she probably won't remember you. I was shocked. Then extremely sad. So I took my crew to see Aunt Sis and yes she knew me and my oldest but couldn't remember my other children. But they all still hugged her and kissed her and told her she looked beautiful. She admired my son because he had gotten taller since her last visit. And she jokingly told my daughters that she had on a wig. Then all of us laughed so hard and we all started talking about all of the 'mistakes' we made with our hair. My daughter was the favorite since she has the red bangs. It was a wonderful visit but when we left she said said 'nice to meet you' to my children and I almost cried. On the way home everyone said I was quiet.
awkwardat50 awkwardat50
51-55, F
Oct 31, 2013