Terminal Cancer

My father in law (who is more like my real dad than my biological dad is) was diagnosed with cancer last year. He has colon cancer which has spread to his liver.

He had chemo fairly soon after his diagnosis. And when that was over he was scheduled for an operation on his liver. They opened him up but when inside they found more tumours than the scanner has picked up on. So they had to close him up because they wouldn't  have been able to remove all the tumours and leave enough of his liver for him to survive.

So after a few complications, he came home and we waited to hear plan B.

Plan B wasnt what we wanted to hear. The doctors told us his cancer is terminal. Without treatment 6-8 months. With treatment 18 months-2 years. He's opted for treatment. He's just had the first session of his 2nd batch of chemo. Apart from being sick a couple of times, he's been relatively ok. Tired, yes. But that's manageable. They said this time he'll lose his hair. So my husband (his son) is going to shave off his hair in support.

My husband is also going to be doing some sposored activities this year to raise money for cancer research. He finds that exercise is helping him to cope. I paint to cope.

So that's where we're at. This time last year we had no idea he had cancer. It's weird that.

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3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Having just lost my best friend less than a week ago to cancer...She was 59 years old. I can understand your sadness and fear.. My friend, Char, helped me get through several years of mourning from the death of my 36 year old daughter, Debbie.<br />
These will be hard times for you and your family. Giving oneanother moral support will be great BUT....please don't feel you have to be "the strong one." No one is truly strong at this time and it's okay if you cry together. It's therapeutic for all and a good stress reliever. Allow yourselves to cry...it's part of the grieving process. Right now all of you are grieving over the loss of his health.....<br />
Be kind to yourselves...take good physical care of yourselves by getting the rest you need and by eating well. One day at a time attitude, good friends helping and saying all the things you want to tell your father-in-law will help you all to cope.<br />
<br />
May God Bless You,<br />
<br />

I was saddened to read about your Father in law, It is such a bad time for everyone involved, My thoughts and best wishes are with you and all I can say is that this is a time when as a family you all have to be strong and supportive dish out all the love and understanding you can muster.<br />
make the most of the time you have been alloted. bless you all.x x

I am sorry to here this, (please don't be offended) but if it is his time to go, just be happy with time you've spent together.