My grandad has vascular dementia, we didn't really notice this till after my grandma passed away, it was a big onset for his dementia. I wouldn't say he is really bad compared to what things could get like but I still get upset about how it is effecting him. He sometimes struggles to say sentences, forgets names, forgets what things are called, can't tell the time, gets things mixed up on the TV... The list goes on. My mum seems to deal with it well, although she probably hidding it, I just try to support her as much as I can. I guess I'm scared about the fact that there may come a time when he won't remember us.
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I feel for you my grandfather had this and slowly faded away from us he was the biggest gentlemen but once this set in he became violent at times etc. we got to the point we had to send him to a home he for got us all I remember the second last time I visited him he could barely put a couple of words together mumbled mainly forgot who I was was there for an hour and as I said good buy out of all the miricles something sparked and he remembered who I was and it broke me. I couldn't leave he hadn't remembered anyone for sometime and he remembered me! So cherish every moment you can although it's hard and it's very hard some times they can take you by suprise and come back. My grandfather ended up getting his lung cancer back and passed away half hour after I said goodbye. Like he was waiting just for me was pretty sight though. If you ever need some one to talk to from one grand child to another you can message me. Wish you and your family all the best!

Me and my grandfather were very close and it really hurt when he forgot me. But when he remembered it made me so very happy and glad I got one last moment with the real him.

Thank you, I might take you up on that offer. I teared up a little reading this, I'm so glad you got to share a moment with him before he passed. I try to spend as much time as possible with him, I probably could do better which I want too. At the moment he isn't violent, hopefully it won't happen till years to come. He still has his good days which I'm thankful for.

Just remembering the details reared me up. Usually such a strong guy who can keep things bottled. I'm only new to this. That's good not all get violent though so hopefully he doesn't get to bad is just a terrible disease. How old is he

I thought at some point they get violent, I'm relieved somewhat to hear that. I think he is 78-83, sounds bad I don't know that but I rarely remember anyones age to be honest

Yeah that's fair runout my pop got it at 79 that's when he was diagnosed passed just before 82nd birthday but he got his cancer back which is what ended it all thank god. It's hard to watch someone you love go through this they get so upset with them selfs when they can't remember.

Cancer is heartbreaking to have but I guess he was in a lot of mental pain with the dementia, I can't imagine how much he must of been suffering. Yeah my grandad gets upset at himself when he can't remember something but we try to reassure him as much as we can.

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