Is It Important?

Reputation defined:

repu·ta·tion (rep′yo̵̅o̅ tās̸hən, -yə-)


  1. estimation in which a person or thing is commonly held, whether favorable or not; character in the view of the public, the community, etc.; repute

  2. such estimation when favorable; good repute; good name to lose one's reputation

  3. fame; distinction

  4. the general character of being thought of as specified; name to have the reputation of being a cheat



Businesses budget millions of dollars per year to ensure that their reputation is spotless, sports figures hire agents to ensure their reputation is unblemished, teenagers judge each other on reputation and hearsay of their cliques, and we, as adults do the same thing. I think some persons refer to a reputation as a bad thing when it is related to a single person and that is not the case. We, as adults, determine through our actions what our reputation will be and how new people will act toward us in the future.


We see in everyday interactions how reputation effects us. One study conducted by a major university determined that people would bid on Ebay items when the seller had a better reputation., Even one more positive in a seller's profile caused a significant difference in the number of bids for similar items, so it brings me to this point. Does reputation matter? I think in the big bad corporate world reputation does certainly matter. Does it matter in one's personal life? I think it does as it should lead us to use more caution when becoming closer to a person, but in personal matters I think we have to factor in other important considerations in addition to reputation.


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For sure :)

Cool Mr. Rex.

I think it matters, but not alot. I mean someone may not deserve the reputation they have. You may think you know someone because of their reputation before you meet them, and really not know them at all or give them a chance. So I also agree that in personal matters there are other considerations in addition to reputation.