Are You My Mommy?

A week ago now my guy found two little Canadian goose gosling's.
After checking and double checking for Mom he placed them in the bunny pen.
Three days later we found one gosling smothered by the bunny.

My guy took the other one out and brought it back to the trailer for his boys to see.
The younger one really took a liking to the little thing.
And didn't want it to go back in the pen as he was afraid it would get smothered as well.

I asked my guy's boy how we keep it safe at night that it needs a place to go at night.
He suggested a box.  I smiled and said we don't have a box but I am sure we can find something.
I grabbed a clothes basket put a towel in the bottom and placed a towel over top the basket. 
I placed it beside him that night.  

The boys went home but my guy was all over the idea of taking care of it ourselves.
He kept saying how neat it was to watch and see this thing learn and do things.
He said that he has always been a hunter but you gain a different perspective when they are this young.
And that he could never kill a pet anyway.

The little gosling absolutely adores my guy, follows him around, sleeps on his chest.
And I absolutely adore seeing my guy get all mushy and softened up by such a little thing.
I tease him about being a Mom to this thing and about having to clean up after the silly thing.
But it really is a cool experience that we will never have again.

We plan to keep it as wild as possible but until its old enough to care for itself we are keeping it safe, feeding it and providing it with lots of opportunities to do little gosling things.  Like swimming in the creek, eating bugs and pecking at the grass.  
We've learned quiet a bit since we've had it.

Now the little thing is not quite so sweet to me.
Pecks at my toes, nips at me, demands food etc.
Although it does follow me it still prefers my guy.
It will snuggle right up with my guy on his chest or his neck.
With me it tugs and pulls on my pants legs, crawls up on my shoes and sleeps at my ankles.
If I attempt to put it up on me.
It squawks and insists I put it back down. 

Its the most unique and heart warming experience I have ever had.

I took the first one the day they were found.
The second one was taken last Saturday and is the one that survived and we are caring for. 
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6 Responses May 18, 2012

and this is why, more people need to understand that animals DO have feelings...they feel attachments, sadness, happiness etc....i adore animals more than much of anything else, they really bring me peace..good on you!

Aww, what a great story.

Thank you. It is quite a unique experience.

I just raised a kitten on the bottle, an EP friend in Va. is going to adopt him as I have several elderly dogs and two cats here. It has been a very rewarding experience. The kitty is eating on his own now and will go to his forever home soon. I understand how attached you can get when these little ones depend on you for their very lives.

Animals do have a way of getting to your heart in ways that nothing else ever can. :) I had a cat for 13 years, I helped her with her babies and she helped me with mine. We were Mom's together. She was an amazing cat who behaved more like a dog then it did a cat. She was an avid little hunter as well. I never had to worry about mice with her around. If I detected a mouse in the house all I had to do was make sure she had access to all the lower cupboards and it was gone by morning. Funny thing was we had birds as well. She knew enough not to hunt them but the ones outside were fair game. LOL

Aww this is so so cute, i have images of this little cutie pecking at your heels for a long time to come even if you do set him off into the wild wouldn't it be sweet if he remembered and came back for a quick peck from time to time .. :)

LOL goose demands warmth from my guy and food from me. Demanding little creature will peck at my feet until I feed it or let it outside. My guy gets quite a chuckle out of my morning interaction with the goose.

Awww, Good luck with raising the little guy....sooo cute... You might want to call your local wildlife folks and they can tell you if he will ever be able to return to the wild....Some of these little critters don't do so well if they aren't raised with their own kind... Hopefully this guy will be AWESOME!!

I agree with you Sie, it is pretty common here in Canada to see geese who do not migrate but still manage to survive. We are hoping that this will be the case with ours. Geese are very territorial and protective of their own kind and we are already seeing signs of the protective instinct in our little goose. We kind of chuckle right now because it obviously is not capable of fending for itself yet. But eventually it will be a force to reckon with. I am sure there will come a time when we will have to call on our wildlife folks to have it placed so it doesn't hurt anyone thinking its protecting us. We encourage it to be independent as much as possible and is outdoors as much as possible. It is now wandering and foraging for longer and longer periods of time but will come running back every so often to squawk at the door and check in before it goes off again.

That is a tremendous story. It is amazing how nuch we can learn from just a tiny gosling. Personally I am not a hunter, because I believe in the wild we should let nature rule. The deer you shoot may very well be a mother and she could be leaving babies behind.