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So this is me copying and pasting all of the issues from ChevyGirl's story because I think her's was set up really well, but there are my stances, plus a few issues of my own added. You are all free to debate me =)

Abortion: I identify as pro-life but I am not militant at all about it. I believe in a person's right to choose what they will do with their own bodies as long as it doesn't pose a threat to any other human being, unless out of self defense. This means there is only a small window of opportunity for a woman to abort an embryo humanely. So I think there need to be more restrictions on abortion and we need to abolish Roe v. Wade in order to send the decisions to the states where it belongs.


Adoption:  "If one (or two) is capable of providing a loving home and the person or couple can financially handle a child or children, he/she/they should be allowed to adopt. "

and I totally agree with her!

Affirmative Action: is racism...thank you and goodnight! ;)

Alternative Medicine: Why not? I can take whatever I want


Animal Rights:  Humans should have the right to kill an animal if they are planning to put its fur/meat/etc... to good use, but Animals should be free from torture and pets from inhumane living conditions. I'm not much of a animal rights activist, I'm a hunter ;)

Bush Administration: It is very possible that this is the worst Presidential administration to ever plauge the United States in our 230 year history as a nation. Don't even get me started on this one, its better you learn to reconcile differences here.

Capital Punishment:  In very rare occasions it is justified


Censorship: I am a strict constitutional Bill or Rights freak. so naturally I hate all things censorship. It is the biggest step towards fascism.


Cloning: That is an area of science we probably shouldn't be venturing into, but the federal government has not say in the matter of its research or funding.

Congress: This last congress was so terrible that it makes me want to puke. I can't tell which was worse: the weak, pathetic liberal dominated congress or the fascist leaning neo-con white house :P

Drinking Age:  Make it 18, that only makes sense. I can drive, vote and put my life on the line overseas for my country but I can't drink...stupid. In countries where the drinking age is 18 and often even lower, drunk driving accidents happen at a much lower rate because the action of drinking becomes much more normal and culturally acceptable by the time people hit driving age plus they can drink under their parent's watch so it is more controlled than in America


Driving Age:  our driving laws are fine as is. I wish California would not have installed the law which extended the period of time from when you get your license to when you can drive others from 6 months to a year should go back to 6 months.

Drug War: =tremendous failure thathas resulted in the skyrocketinh of drug use and drug crime. I would abolish all drug laws, especially federal can have drug crime if there are no drug laws and the substances would be better regulated.

Education System: Has been f%$#ed up in most places due to the expandingly intrusive role of our idiotic federal government. I favor abolishing the department of education

Euthanasia: I support its use.

Gay Adoption: We allow single parents to adopt and raise kids but a lot of people have a problem with gays because "they will corrupt the kids" (to which there is not a shred of scientific proof) or "children need to be raised by a father and mother" which is rendered pointless by the fact that single parents exist. I support gay adoptions in most circumstances. 


Gay Marriage:  This would be an essay length argument, but basically, I support gay marriages and if anyone wants to ask about my views specifically, feel free to. If anyone wants to debate me, I will beat you =)


Global Warming:  Real...but completely blow out of proportion, I don't believe humans are the main factor in global warming, I think there are many other factors that are more important than carbon dioxide levels which are still and amazingly small part of our atmosphere.


Gun Control:  I am a strict constitutional Bill of Rights freak, like I said, and gun ownership is an individual right that cannot easily be infringed upon, I reject most gun laws. statistics show a regressive correlation between gun freedom levels and violent crime levels, such as in D.C where they doubled the second highest violent crime rate of any state in the union before the gun ban was overturned, or Switzerland, where citizens are issued a machine gun from the government for militia purposes, which has one of the lowest violent crime rates of any developed nation.


Health care: Is not a perfect system in the U.S but I deeply reject the idea of nationalizing it, I don't think there is a single thing I trust the federal government well enough to do right, in fact, I'm a Libertarian and about a step away from anarchist, so there is NOOO way you can convince me that our federal government can actually run our entire nation's health care system even the least bit effectively, that idea to me is laughable.  


Homeschooling: should always be a choice available for kids and parents, school attendance should not be mandatory. 


Homosexuality: I won't even dignify this "issue" with a response. The fact that people are debating about the morality of homosexuality is discriminatory and prejudice in itself.


Immigration:  Immigration should always be welcome in this country, but if you are caught entering illegally, you should be deported. If the government finds illegals who have been here for a while and have a family and job, we can't always morally deport them, but we need to have a system of getting them to become true American citizens without amnesty, which is ridiculous


Love:  Is the most important thing in the world.


Piercings & Tattoos: I would never get one, and I don't think they look good outside conventional piercings, but if someone wants one, take 'em!

Plastic Surgery: I would also never have plastic surgery done unless it was reconstructive, and I think it makes the person look uglier, a lot of the time, but people should be free to have it if they really want to pay for it.


Pollution: Is bad, and none of us are doing all we can do cut back, but its hard to think about it 24/7 =(


***********:  If should be available to anyone 18 and over.


Prayer in Public Schools:  You can't force anyone to do it, and you can't force anyone not to do it...Freedom of religion is a double-bladed axe

Premarital Sex:  Is perfectly fine and morally accpetable.

Propaganda: Is disgusting and waaaayyy too many people give into it and most of them don't know, responsible for corrupting a lot of young minds for the government's benefit

Prostitution: Should be legal, people are free to do with their bodies what they will, like the pro-choice argument.

Religions:  Bill of Right freak speaking again! so obviously, all religions should be treated on equal grounds and everyone should have the right to follow any belief they I'm Christian.

Religion & Politics:  I have never based a political stance on a religious argument, and I don't think those sorts of arguments should have any political standing in deciding things.


Sex Education: The sex education I recieved was pretty good. It can't just be about abstinence, you can't expect very many people these days to be abstinent until marriage, so its important to teach them the risks involved and the ways to keep safe.

Smoking:  Perfectly fine. I have never smoked and don't plan to.

Stem Cells:! but seriously, stem cell research is fine, but it needn't receive federal funding.

War in general: Is the most terrible idea ever created, bar none. There are hardly ever times where war is acceptable, especially not in the instances the U.S has used it. Sacrificing lives is an extremely serious matter that should never be taken as lightly as too many people today take it.


War on Terror: Is almost completely bullshit, invading Iraq was one of the most terrible ideas in U.S and has been devestatingly constly for both sides. Afghanistan, although originally justifiable, has been abandoned for bullshit nation building and world policing.

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I sigh whenever someone tries to bring up the idea that gay parents will inevitably raise a gay child *face palms*

The best argument for gay adoption I've found yet:<br />
<br />

EUPHEMISM: I think giving special privileges to certain minorities based on past treatment perpetuates a collectivist mindset which says that we should view human beings as parts of groups with group rights instead of how it should be: individuals with individual rights. This kind of mindset is what you can find in Affirmative Action programs and it perpetuates racism instead of ending it, I think favoring one group of people over another group in anyway is unequal and unfair. It is the government which most divides us and collectivizes us as people and i don't like to see it happen. <br />
<br />
NTBADJSTLST: I DO hunt for food. I could buy all of my meat from a store but does that make any difference whatsoever? Wild game meat is much healthier and It means my family and I don't have to rely as much on businesses to get food that we need, one pig or deer can last quite a long time. I think vegetarians could argue that position, but it sounds like you aren't one (I could be mistaken). I also base my PERSONAL opinion of hunting on my religious beliefs, but that in no way is a POLITICAL argument, so I won't bring it up.

Sh_t, HUNTER WTF. I never got that. I fully support animal rights. I believe they too have a soul. They too where created, they too deserve their right to live,be loved be respected. <br />
To kill for survival, food,,, ok. That is a whole different thing, I think people should find a better sport. <br />
To take this to the extreme let me add this....<br />
<br />
Have a few dozen kidz, let them run wild then shoot them and put their heads up in a mantel. <br />
<br />
Wrong, I know, but making a point.

I am a little unimpressed by your view on affirmative action. I am an Asian person living in a Western country; we don't have it over here and I am arrogant enough to think that I don't damn well need it either. However I would imagine that in America, where something like one in five people would be 'deeply worried' if a relative married a non-'white' person, where Obama could only garner 43% of the 'white' vote, that it is safe to assume that black people face a structural disadvantage when it comes to employment, namely the often unconscious prejudice of the majority demographic. The Internet is abundant with scientific studies that indicate that many white people, even very liberal ones that try to be fair-minded, have been known to unconsciously rank black candidates below white ones even where their qualifications are shown to be identical (this phenom apparently becomes more pronounced when the job is more senior). To declare affirmative action 'racism', while technically true, is overly simplistic and ignores this altogether. The rest of your opinions seem well-reasoned and I think this one is a little unworthy of you.

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And don't worry intrepid, her and I do this all the time ;)

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but you just did now so, that's acceptable<br />
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