Im 13 And My Role Model Is 39

my names gabe, im 13 im different in many ways, i have SPD (sensory prosessing disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and just got dignosed with bipolar disorder. my parents got split up when i was five and my mom lives in georgia and has been in and out of rehab and jail more then a few times, i currently live in north carolina with my dad and his "new wife"my step mom and step brothers felix-3 and Ronnie- 10, my role model is 39 years old i watch his show i have met him before, his name is Ron Shirley, wich is weired cuz my step brothers name is ronnie and my friend at schools name is ronnie but anyways i have been watching him since i was eight in febuary 2009, when all worked up came on and ron is a repo man and reposesses cars for a living so he was part of the cast of all worked up, with clips of jobs that can get people worked up, like meter maids, prossess servers, bounty hunters and or course repo men. ron has owned lizard lick towing since 1998 and him being on tv started i 2008 when Trutv headquarters sent a cameraman to film for a day and thats all it took. due to the overwhelming popularity or lizard lick towing on all worked up in febouary 7th 2011 lizard lick towing was made into its own show and just ended its thrid season september 3rd 2012 and is staring the 4th seanon between december and january sometime. i love this man i want to be just like him he dosent smoke, and that would be good for me being around smaking my whole live my mom and dad are drug addicts
Gabe14541 Gabe14541
13-15, M
Nov 27, 2012