Yep............I Admit It... I'm a Big Sap! Mahahaha!

For my 3rd anniversary, I went all out. I spent what little money I had & bought the fixings for Shane's favorite dish from one of his favorite restaurants in Toronto. (He rarily had money, & so it was left to me if I wanted to celebrate.)
I set the table with candles, got mom to spend the night at my grandparents. Mahahah!!! We got up in the morning, I made him breakfast, & then spent the day trying to get everything ready. Mahahaha!!!
It was an awesome meal. It was a steak salad. It had leafy greens, plum tomatoes, mushrooms & green/yellow beans (all fresh) marinaded in a balsamic marinade. Baked in an oven (except the greens). I marinaded the steaks & cooked them medium rare. Plated it all & called him. He loved it & so do I....Heehee!
I then cleaned up the mess & he spend the rest of the night on his computer.... Yep, I was the romantic, him not so much!

Oh well, live & learn. I have to say, I hope the next one is a little more appreciative of all I do, & maybe helps with the dishes after? Mahahahaha!!!

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Apr 6, 2009