Waterbed Instead. Can I Still Join?

 Haha, this is a cute group.  We don't need rubber sheets, or pads.  California King waveless waterbed.  A fake sheepskin mattress pad and 600 count sheets.  We have spare sets of sheets for those times we have a little too much fun and need to change the bed quick.

Rachael74 Rachael74
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4 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Had a waterbed like that in another life, unfortunately, I wasn't into wetting at the time or I'm sure we would have tried it.

Hmm the waterbed sounds perfect for wetting, especially with a partner! I'm jealous! ;)

You are right on all counts Channen. I still can't get myself to wet the bed, not in my sleep, or awake. We kind of do it together as a form of foreplay. Sometimes we change the sheets before going to sleep, sometimes, specially if it is early morning, we might go back to sleep in the wet bed. Easy clean up though.<br><br />
There are two additons to our waterbed, <br><br />
1. We have an undersheet, kinda like wool, only man made. It keeps the bed from feeling like plastic and that helps a lot.<br><br />
2. There are two heaters under the mattress. Don't have to worry about one heater failing. maintains right temp with no problem.

mounsteres, why yes it is. Two people can have fun in that manner also.<br />
We just don't need the rubber sheet because of the waterbed mattress.