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Rubber Sheets

I wear rubber pants without anything on under them & sleep between 2 rubber sheets & I do use them for their intended use especially after I've been drinking a lot. If I pee my pants at the bar I will pee (soak) the bed when I get home.

bedwetter2 bedwetter2 31-35, M 4 Responses Nov 1, 2009

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Henk53 can you say where you got your hospital rubber sheet. I would love a pair to sleep between.

I like to *** in my wet rubber pants & on my wet rubber sheets too!!

I love to wear plastic pants and when I have pee'd in them I rub myself furiously through them to make myself very hard and shoot lots of creamy *** in them. I love playing with others who like this too. If you are interested I can be contacted at in meantime everyone keep wetting

MMMMM!!! That would be nice.