A Survivor's Story

I have many sad stories to tell most of which are scattered from group to group here on ep because I have no one who cares to listen by my side. I have always walked my path alone because I can only tolerate the disconnected way we treat each other. I didn't want my children believing this was ok. I've always been the kind of person who accepts all walks of life I have no right to judge and if I give a bad title I wanna know why? I'm very in tune with the spirit my life revolves around the whole experience of life.
I'm now in my saddest moment where I feel I've disconnected from the material world? I've lost faith in everything and everyone except Jesus! As long as I feel my Jesus needs me here I will survive another day.
Drucilla Dawn...my big sister this is my most recent sad story. I didn't even know she existed until I was 8? Mom left her behind at the age of 4-12 she was abused and molested by her uncle! She came home full of hate and jealousy. I didn't care how mean she could get I refuse to give up as a result we shared a lot of awesome memories that the other sibbligs don't recall. How dose that happen? She is the only sister I bonded with as I got older I grew to understand her anger issues with our mother never acknowledged or resolved nor was there ever any peace made with her uncle...yet another child raped and terrorized and no one cared to stand up for her . How many children will live with this reality? Our children are everyone's business! In my big sisters defense yes she could be mean and hateful but we all have our days she was beautifully creative who loved to work in her neighbors yard everyone around her had a dawn garden...in her last days she only had her daughter and family close to her we believe it was an overdose/suicide? Emotionally she was alone and exhausted and for me that is the saddest moment of my life! I've never experienced this kind of sorrow before ...as hard as I tried she never really trusted me or anyone for that fact. I know she loved me just had no clue how to let her guard down.
May she rest in peace or maybe serve a much greater purpose in the realm of the angel whisper?..
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She's probably in piece right now. That is really hard and I know it is because I was sexually abused for a year when I was 8 and I'm dealing with it just now. It must've been hard for her and you. It does not matter if you couldn't understand her. The important thing and the thing that was most important for her is the fact that you tried to understand her and help her.