Betrayal- By Anonymous

The guy had a very cute, shy appearance. his electric green-gold eyes made him look very nice and caring. He rarely smiled, so only people very close to him knew who he really was. or they thought they did.
The girl was best friends with this new guy from elementary school. She liked him very much for three years before he finally asked her out. When he did, she was ecstatic.
She couldn’t believe that he has asked her out. He was two years older than her. Since they looked alike and they always were together, talking, playing and goofing around, people thought they were twins or siblings.
Before he asked her out, the girl knew that he had a girlfriend, which almost caused her to give him up. He wouldn’t tell her who it was or anything, but always talked about her. She was very much heartbroken when he talked about their dates and how beautiful, (not hot) she was. She knew that the boy wouldn’t ask the girl out. But soon, the girl found out this was a lie.
Before she tried to forget him, she decided to tell him about her feelings before forgetting. Before she loaded the bus to go home, she walked up to him and whispered in his hear, “You know what? I liked you. But I guess since you don’t like me back, I was just going to tell you this. Forget about it, OK?” and ran into the bus, her face was bright red.
She didn’t expect him to really give her a response, but the next day he came up to her and asked; “Will you go out with me?”
The girl didn’t say anything but she hugged him very hard. She accepted.
They went out for a while before incidents started to occur.
The boy had hurt the girl; on accident, of course and when he did so, her contacts got damaged so she had to take them out. He must of felt sorry and he did apologize for the foolish act.
But, she noticed that he had a very, very, bad habit.
After class, they got together and were walking out the same class when te boy said; “You know what my friend poked me in my eye and I had to take my contacts out,” he pretended to rub his eye with his hand.
The girl knew him long enough to know he had perfect vision.
He was lying.
The girl tried to ignore the fact that he had just lied to her, knowing that he lied to make her feel better. She tried to laugh it away, but it continued. He would lie to her even when he didn’t do anything wrong.
She hated that habit, but couldn’t tell him to stop it. She also knew that he was using her to become popular.
It was summer break when the two broke up. He moved to TX without telling her and he told her weeks after he moved. He apologized and lied to her that he didn’t know why his family moved. They forced him to go with them. Se believed some of it, but she knew the family would tell him why.
The girl didn’t take any of that and asked him, one more time, nice and clear;
“Please, don’t lie to me this time,”
The boy never understood. It was then when she decided to break up with him. She knew she couldn’t trust him anymore and that she knew he didn’t really think of her that often. She just knew, he wouldn’t be willing to do a long distance relationship.
A few days later, she asked him to break up with her. The last text he’s ever sent her was,
‘good bye….’
Even months after that, when she sees people, she claims to remember his face during conversations, or when looking out a window, she suddenly feels like crying. When she talks with another person, she hears his name. He comes to her dreams, and she hugs hi really hard to realize that he’s not there for her anymore and as he walks away, the pain grows. To all of my other friends she tells them that she’s over with him, but in real life she’s still deeply in love with him. And most of all, when she sees herself in the mirror,
She sees a girl. With a boy that has his hand around her, they are conversing about how much they love each other...
When she talks about this, she seems like the happiest girl in the world. But in reality, I can really tell that she’s still trying to hold on to the memories when they were happy. She’s torn apart on the inside. If he was here for her, if only he was still there for her, only then can she sew up the bloody scars and wounds he gave to her...

This is a story about me. I couldn't bear to write this in 1st person because it hurt me so much..
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1 Response Oct 5, 2012

May I just say, that for one so young, this story reflects great maturity of thought and intensity of feeling. Was this guy your very first love? What a sad thing to happen, but in a way, just as well it happened earlier rather than later in life. There are some sick people in this world and you do have to be careful about forming relationships. Well done, for your handling of the situation, and also for writing about it so well.

Thank you