Torn Apart

When i was about 18 months old, my mother left my two older sisters and me at the county social services. She just walked us in, handed a goodbye note to a man who was sitting near by, then left to go off and end her life. Luckily, the county gave us to our grandmother instead of putting us into the foster system. Although she tried, It was very difficult for my grandma to raise an 18 month old, a two year old, and a four year old all at the same time. So me and my older sister (the two year old) were sent to live elsewhere, while my four year old sister stayed with my grandmother.I went to live with a family friend, who gladly took me in and treated me as her own. My sister went to live with my mothers cousins; a very rich Virginian couple.
About a year later, my mother emerged from wherever she was staying. Turns out that she realized the cost of taking her life and leaving us was not worth it. She moved in with my grandmother and asked for me and my other sister to come back. The woman caring for me gave me back, however the couple caring for my sister refused. They hired a lawyer and took my mom to court to fight for custody. With my mother being low on money, and also documented as a bipolar/paranoid schizophrenic, she lost the case, and they gained complete custody of my sister.
Through out my life I have been allowed to see my sister about once a year. Its difficult to form a solid relationship with someone who lives an entire state away when you only see them once annually; although we are still pretty close. She just turned 18 this year and is deciding on whether she should come to live with her birth mother (who really wants her to come home) or stay where she is.
All i know, is that she's my sister, and that no matter the distance or the time apart, I love her.
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Hopefully she learned the value of revenge by now and chooses not to comeback, but instead, tries to invite you and try to take you from her mother.