No One Likes Me

i have about 2 friends that i really like, im not a loser or a weirdo and ive heard some of the people who really popular say that they dont know why theyre nto friends with me, but i know that some people find me really likeable and some people cant stand me - i always get into fights with my friends. im not funnny, im not oretty at all, my teeth are yellow my hair is dry my nose is hige my eyes are tiny my breath stinks and my eyebrows are weird. im fat but i dont have a nice chest at all, ive got absolutely no talent - i cant sing, dance, cook, draw, teach, write and im hopeless at any sport i always embarrass my self - especially in front of boys. im awkward and i say the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong place and even my family dont like me, im not clever and i try and try and try but no matter what in every lesson i get such low marks. im really short i only look nice in 1/6 of my wardrobe. hardly anyone wants to meet up with me and i always blow friendships - even with people who are so incredibly popular (im not a weirdo and i can be funny to some people where as others just find me disrespectful) and i blw these friends ships because im not NICE. im rude and bitchy, and i have nothing in common with anyone. i dont get invited to anything, and to people at school apart from my 'friends' im increduiby shy and stupid, and the thing is im not even a quiet person. most of the fgirls are nice to me apart from the really bitchy ones, but 1/2 the boys at my school take me ask a joke, a hilarious funny joke. im kind of a mix between popular and unpopular. i get into really bad moods 3/4 of the time where i just want to die. because there really is nothing good at me, andim always crying and im so annoying. i just want some company, i feel so alone
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1 Response Oct 21, 2012

Making friends is easy keeping them is another. What you are highlighting is the fact you cannot hold on to your friends. We are provided with two ears and one mouth. This is so that we listen more and speak less. There are many who have needs and are screaming for our help....