"dad", I Want You To Know....

I remember as a kid, when they said "bring your dad to school",
The other students had fathers, who were weird, fun and cool.
Their dad's would pick them up, and hug them oh so tight,
Their dad's would teach them baseball, and how to fly a kite.
Some of the kids would ask me, "So Rachel? Where's your dad?",
And I'd just say "I don't know, a dad I've never had,
I don't know how it feels, for my dad to watch me play,
Oh how if feels to make a card, for him on fathers day."

Now dad I know you're out there, with another family
Why can't you be here, to love and care for me?
I've wondered all my life, am I not worth your time?
I think, and think and think, but no good reasons come to mind.
So continue on without me, I've lived my life this far
Just know you've left me empty, with an unfillable scar
I would say that I love you, to make a sweet good bye
But my SINGLE mother taught me well, and told me not to lie.
rayjoy rayjoy
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 17, 2012

i understand while i had a father i did not have one

i n high school we had something going on and my wifes grandfather went with both of us as we were married so we shared him