Losing Their Best Friend.

Every kids worst nightmare is losing their parents or a very close loved one...Something that i wish nobody had to go through...especially at such a young age. But unfortunately my cousins Alexa Barnes 8 and Kaleb Barnes 10....Had to go through this...There mother Kari Underwood Barnes was killed in a head on collision when a man crossed the center line, his bumper coming up through the windshield of Kari's Cavalier hitting her in the head. Luckily Alexa and Kaleb and Kari's niece who was also in the car had minor to no injuries but unfortunately shortly after Kari arrived at the hospital being put in the critical care unit, died. Alexa was put in a child care unit also in the same hospital and had to stay a couple of days...She would sometimes ask if mommy was okay, and all we could say is the doctors are doing all they can to help her. That night everyone knew there was no way Kari was going to make it. The day after we had to break the news to the children. Alexa said she was afraid everyone else was going to die and leave her now. And Kaleb went home that night with his Grandma (Kari's Mom)...and held a picture of Kari and cried until the next morning...everybody was heart broken. Alexa and Kaleb still have a very caring and loving dad and they know he is always going to be there. Kari was an organ donor and saved 7 peoples life but lost her own. Now it has been 3 months since this tragic experience has happened and the kids are still having a really hard time...Alexa sometimes says "my mommy wasn't supposed to leave me, she was my bestfriend...who is going to read me a bedtime story now" ...And kaleb is afraid he will forget her voice and what she looks like...I hope this story helps people realize what they have and how lucky they are. Also any more info go to 107.5 Kzl Breaking and entering for 2012....These kids had a very fortunate thing happen to them because this radio station was so generous to offer this after recieving a letter from Stacy Underwood, Kari's sister in law....God bless you all and Merry Christmas!
madison7175 madison7175
Dec 21, 2012