I Lost My Brother...

I received my last e-mail from my younger brother the day before Valentine's day, 2004.  Three days later he was gone.  31 years old.

He was the pilot of an air ambulance for EagleMed.  He flew a Kingair 90.  A small, twin engine plane with a crew of 3 -  Pilot, Nurse, and Air Medic.  They went down in a field Northwest of the airport in Kansas City where they were supposed to land at about 2:30 in the morning.  All three died.  Noone knows what went wrong.  They had just finished their last run and had been going a few hours longer than they were supposed to. 

I had just hit the road after a show in Dallas with a four hour drive ahead of me when I got the call from his supervisor.  I couldn't see the highway through my tears.  I miss him.  I'd trade places if I could....

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1 Response May 22, 2007

That is sad alobar. I'm sorry you lost your brother and hope you get to see him again someday..