Broken Girl

Broken heart girl all alone, can't forget about what happened. I feel like he took my life away from me. I am a girl watching people enjoy life. He was my first love, and he left me for a different girl. I feel empty inside without him. I can't get him out of my mind or out of my heart. He will always be the guy that was my first kiss, first dance, and first love. And I will always remember him. In 50 years I will think of him. And remember all the things we did together. And all I want him to know is I love you baby.

BrokenGirl798 BrokenGirl798
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2009

I understand how you feel completely. I was fell in love with my first love 2years ago. I felt like he ended my world and sucked all the goodness out of it. Then while I was sitting and sobbing, looking at his sweet messages....a voice just said to me.....oh hellll no are crying your lame *** on a guy who never saw you for the goodness that you truly are. So i took my first step......the toughest one and picked myself up dried my tears held my head up high and told myself the words you long to hear you will hear them....when the time is right. So I would kept myself busy reading, watching movies hanging with friends. As time passed by I regained my happiness and saw that only I had the power to change everything. Then one day out of the bluehe called I looked at the call let it ring a couple of times then I picked up. It was him he apologized and told he that he wants me back and that he never stopped loving me. Now I held all the cards to this game......then I recalled the time he told me on the phone I don't love you anymore I love someone else the word NO gently without hestitation came out of my mouth. What came next was his silence and a heavy sigh. I simply told him I moved on and he should do the same. I was so proud of myself it's like running a LONG marathon then out of nowhere hearing the bell for the final lap.....I sprinted with full speed. 1 year later I met a guy who loves me and understands me been together for a year. I guess Cupid never forsakes their loved ones *wink*

I understand what you are going through. My love left me 15 years ago. Unsure of how long you've had your loss. Try to keep your chin up. There will be good days and bad days. All you can do is to work through each one the best you can.