in the past two years i lost my eldest daughter age 44 in very sad circumstances she was found dead maybe after 3wks approx left with open verdict as to why. she was an academic unmarried with no children wasnt in a relationship and we hadnt been in contact for five yrs since her grandfathers passing we couldnt understand why there wasnt any reason to why she never visited nor phoned as we in close contact with my other daughter/son and granchildren we knew she was at university and of course been seen by other relatives/friends and thought she must have just been too busy why it didnt seem right i was always talking about why she never called on us it turned out that she had developed a schizophrenic type illness and just thought every was her enemy even family as i have read notes she left which was very distresing to learn when she probably needed us most she was hearing voices of instruction had wrote weird stories completely got in debt and just closed off from society i sent for her medical records i could not undernnstand why nhs did not inform us nor her gp either of her state of mind she refused help and medication and would not open her door to anyone we didnt know her adress until the police came on that terrible day to say she had been found dead and was she our daughter i beat myself up thinking i should have looked for her all authorities said information of her health was confidential yet they found us when it was too late we are left with an open verdict and we should have been informed she would be alive today im sure we could haveand most certainly would have heped her ill never get over this since ive had breast cancer and my husband has been critically ill i had to look after him through my treatment its been difficult my brother lost his only son 18mths before also and was diagnosed with prostrate cancer at the same time of my diagnosis and my brother in law now has prostrate seems nothing but bad luck since my dad passed away in 2004 my mum died in 97 i just hope for better things to come and if you think your story is worse let me know love to all who take the time to read my story
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