Miss Understood

He stood there, screaming, his breath heavily reeking of bottle after bottle of beer. His words piercing through her like bullets fired at close range. Each word exploded from his lips, he judged her , staring into her broken soul with narrow eyes, no understanding of her pain. 
Her shield of courage and strength, no match for his unkind words. Tears began to shed and fall , flowing rapidly down her cheeks. Her heart wrenching, chest heaving violently sob after sob. She pleaded he stop, her plea falling on deaf ears. Continuing to lacerate her soul, his words like knives cutting deep into her existing wounds, breaking her down further, pushing her closer to loneliness. He reached out to her, his touch feeling like thorns pricking her skin. She cringed under his touch, leaving her skin stinging. She looked up at him from between her hands that cradled her tears, as she held her head in attempt to mask her exasperation, then met by his angry expression. When she could no longer withstand him, her legs crumbled beneath her, bringing her down, her body collapsing, holding her head, elbows resting on her legs. Defeated, she bagged and pleaded he stop. Finally he stormed off in a fit of rage, not lifting her head to watch him leave, only hearing his heavy foot step against the floor. Though he was no longer confronting her inner demons, his words replaying in her mind, echoing. She inched her body cautiously into a ball, holding her knees bringing them toward her chest.. Aguishly sobbing, her face pressed against the couch, closing her eyes tightly she tried to block out the image of his face, holding her breath trying to shun the lingering smell of alcohol. Slowly, she drifted into numbness, her tears ceasing, leaving traces of wet lines behind.. She concentrated hard on placing her self any where but there, with no place to run. 
Ewalkerc Ewalkerc
22-25, F
May 17, 2012