The Dream

Impossible it is, for one to fathom My passion that lies most deep within my soul. Passion surges feverishly through my veins. When Mine eyes are closed , I see my innermost dreams. My heart rate increased, my breath hitched, my entire being, embraced in bliss. 
All I had longed for, there, before me. Reaching forward, my finger tips millimeters from it all, joy dissipates, I lurch, unsuccessfully grabbing hold of my dream. As my picturesque vision fades, cold , sadness washes over me, I open my eyes reality becomes apparent , hitting hard with a merciless blow. My breathing , pulse and heart beat cease. Pain viciously writhing through me. Panic rises within me, my vision that was moments ago within reach has disappeared, replaced by darkness, my breathing is now rapid, my heart pounding loudly against my chest, tears sting my eyes and begin to flow excessively down my cheeks. I pull my pillow quickly into my chest, and curl my knees into it, bewildered, as anguish consumes my soul in its entirety. My thoughts crack against my skull, I wince feeling each blow. Rocking side to side , still sobbing, utilize all of my available strength ,I try to crawl my way towards the light, collapsing once I reach the dim glow. It is still cold, and painful. My tears slow, but sorrow has its grip tightly around my heart. I drift slowly into a disturbed slumber, dreams no longer resemble joy but resemble what of which she has become. Her dream not untraceable, but no longer exists.. Gone... Gone... Never to return.. 
Ewalkerc Ewalkerc
22-25, F
May 18, 2012