Regarding My Last Knee Surgery

 throb throb throb throb throb throb throb

i circled ten on every weightless

paper scale crying dizzy awakeorasleepness

burning BURNING make it go away go searing

awaayy stop please stop so many nonsense dreams

of wrong seashells, nowhere notyou, and searching

for peripheral, ungraspable dreamthings. In the next

state of consciousorunconscious-ness, red&paintly splatterings

desense me so i cannot see or hear but the pain never,

ever is unsensed; i am trapped in this

flicker-room, flinging flickers that are needle-aches

too fragile to break so they break instead



i hurt everywhere

softandonly softandonly
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

Me too, had 6 knee surgeries, have 2 huge scars, now need knee replacement and can't have it. Oh well, wear longer skirts. I do know about the pain. Very agonizing at times.