Bike Accdent

i went over the handle bars of my bike and landed directly on my face.  my cheek tore down from the corner of my mouth to my chin and under my lower lip it was flapping around i had 32 stitches on the outside of my face and 4 staples in my scalp plus a bunch of inside my mouth that i couldn't count. they did a pretty good job putting my face back together.  i have a few noticeable scars from it, a big weird bump of skin inside my mouth from how they put it back together, and part of my ower lip and chin is numb.  my mouth was really droopy on one side for a while and weird looking but it has straitend up.  its really not that noticeable any more it has recently occurred to me that my idea of how bad it looks is not accurate any more i kinda still see it how it first looked. 

katearoo katearoo
May 5, 2010