A Scar On Top Of A Scar

Every hurdler has a time when he totally eats it. During one 110m race in high school, my trailing left foot caught the hurdle, and the weights on the hurdle weren't set properly so I totally flipped over and ate it. I was pissed cuz I was in first place too. I quickly rolled over and got up and was still in the race, maybe in 6th or 7th place. At this point although I didn't realize it was limping slightly and ended up falling again 2 hurdles later. At that point it was over - dead last. I still got myself up and finished the race, hopping over the last hurdle. After, my coach dumped about a gallon of hydrogen peroxide onto my knee and it foamed up like when you pour soda into a cup too fast. Anyways that became a nasty scab.

A few weeks later, I wanted to keep racing, and although the scab didn't fully heal, I ended up racing again. Long story short, I fell on the same knee. A few months later, the scar that I ended up with was a weird scar on top of another scar. It looked weird.
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OUCH : I know this feeling , during my high school days I was a sprinter until I triped and tore out my knee compleatly , I had to have an implant total replacement , this didn,t keep me from getting into the army medical corp where I learned how to do the same thing in the field of implants and how to make them .