I Have A Scar

It's on my right eyebrow.
I was 8 years old and went with my family to the pool.
My brother was sitting where the water was low while i preferred to play in highter water..
So we were on opposite sides of the pool. But he later called out for me and waved to come.
So I came and then some guy was sliding back and forth on the tiles before me and knocked me down..
And I had my eyebrow cut on the tiles..My mother took me to a doctor, I got stitches and we went back to the pool.
That guy came and apologised for what he did but I needed a lot of time to forgive him. Because I have the scar.
Maybe if I didn't have it it would be easier. But I see it everyday and I can't regulate my eyebrow like I want because of it.
I feel bad with that scar. I didn't go to THAT pool for 10 years. But now it's ok and I can go there. I already did a few times. Lol
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6 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I guess thats why then :)

i was under a local anesthetic. you don't feel much then

Wow you must have a big pain threshold or something, ive never had stiches but it doesnt seem like it ouwld tickle

i don't remember if it was..you don't feel much pain because of the shock.<br />
it was more painful mentally i guess. they told me there will be no scar..but there is..<br />
all because some stupid guy wanted to slide on tiles in the children's pool..<br />
it was a funny feeling when they sew my skin o.o it tickled

Oooh sounded very painful!

don't say that..it's good you have only a scar..<br />
well it's good i still have my eye too..heh