Taking It On The Chin

I have a scar, a small little line under my chin. I was running in the kitchen slipped and split my chin on the metal part joining the hallway carpet and the kitchen lino. And that, kids, is why Mum told you not to run in the house!

I dont remember it hurting, but I do remember blood - I didnt get any stitches which might be why it scarred I guess.

I hardly ever see it or notice it - but its there.
jellibeanz jellibeanz
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Hey we should start a club of chin scarred people!<br />
<br />
Its scary how much blood can come from a small cut. As I said, I don't remember anything except blood so there must have been a fair bit of it. And I don't remember Mum having to yell much about running in the house after that -- I learnt my lesson.

I have one in about the same place. You can't even see mine unless you are looking for it but it is the reason (or at least one of the main ones) why I almost always have facial hair.