Accedental And Selfinflicted

I had a rough childhood. Attacked by animals, skined knees, cuts, scrapes, bashed open my head on two different tables, almost got my fingure cut off by an ax all the normal little things. most of those were my falut not watching where I was going, playing with stuff I wasn't suppost to touch, etc..... I like the little scares on my hands they make a smily face and a bored face.

The ones I have selfinflicected are the ones I am most ashamed of. Not a lot of people know I have them. I cant wear a lot of the smaller girlyer shirts because it would show them. The funny thing is Im not ashemed in the since of "dont look at them they make me ugly." No. I am ashamed in the since of " you don't see them I never had those kind of emotions." 

Well that covers all my scares for now.
Norealidentity Norealidentity
26-30, F
Jul 24, 2010