I Call Them Battle Scars, When They Are Really Caused By My Stupidity

Age 4 - 6 inch scar on my arm. Clumsily, I tripped over a bike in the middle of the ground and had my arm slide through the chains.

Age 5 - Circular scar on my kneecap. Tripped over my shoelaces and skid my knee.

Age 12 - Circular scar on my other kneecap. Riding down on a cement hill on my scooter. Skid my knee down the hill

Age 17 - 5 inch scar on my leg. Shaving.
sweetxignorance sweetxignorance
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1 Response Jul 4, 2011

Scars are just Tattoos with better stories, I have tons of them they are all part of who I am and where I have been