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My Ear Keloid Scars

I have keloids on both my ears because about four years ago, I got my ears pierced for the first time when I met my husband. My husband wanted to make me more beautiful, so I got the pierced ears and got the automatic studs put in. We went out as soon as I got my ears pierced, so he asked me to switch the studs to a pair of hanging earrings.

From then on, I kept switching the earrings and never returned to the studs, so about a year later, I noticed some small keloids forming. However, other people in my life had keloids but I'd never seen them grow past a certain size. Now, my keloids were medium in size, so I kept inserting earrings like the other women in my life had. But that only made matters worse because soon I couldn't wear earrings at all.

My husband tried to buy me some scar cream but it was in a little container for me to squeeze the cream out of and it only minimized one keloid. I wish he would have bought two but those little containers of cream was a lot of money.

Now, my scars seem twice as big and I want to get surgery for to remove them. I've been unsuccessful at finding a plastic surgeon who will help me to remove them in my city and everytime my husband and I have enough money to do the surgery, the money always seem to go elsewhere.

These scars have lowered my self-esteem because even though I am an introverted and inward person, it has made me stay inside even more than I used to. I wear wigs (since my hair isn't long enough to cover them anymore) that I have to keep updating almost every three months to keep the public from seeing them and being even more embarrassed than I already am about these scars.

UPDATE; After searching online for remedies for my keloids, he found a method that shrinks them pretty good is Tea Tree Oil. Wearing bandanas, scarves, wigs (in stocking caps) help to shrink them as well. Some doctors decide their prices depending on the size so you can go on how much is cheaper or more accessible for you. Be sure to look around for surgeons that perform Ear Surgery. Also, I recently found out three doctors who perform them in New Orleans.

There is Dr. Massiha at,
Hamid Massiha, M.D. at 3939 Houma Boulevard, Doctors Row Building 4 Suite 216, Metairie 70006 at
(504) 455-9441.
There is also
Pitard Edward, M.D., 602 Robert E Lee Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70124-2545 at (504) 888-4040.
There is also Ray J. Lousteau, M.D., 120 N. Jefferson Davis Parkway, New Orleans, LA, 70119 at (504) 821-0244.

Another home remedy worth trying if you have large ear keloid scars is to remove them by have medium-sized or large rubber bands, alcohol/peroxide, vasoline and/or neosporin. Take the rubber bands and tie them tightly around your keloid for seven to ten days. Over time, it will turn from dark purple to black, once the keloid starts changing colors and the tighter the rubber band is, it will start to tear the keloid from the ear. This is slightly painful to not painful at all.
Make sure you have Alcohol and Peroxide mixed in a small cup that you can place the keloid in for a few minutes at least 3 times per day, once completed be sure to add Neosporin to the ear.
You can clean the keloid and ear with mild soap and water and after carefully drying them, treat them with the alcohol and/or peroxide, by removing the rubber bands every day.

After the seventh or tenth day, the keloid will either fall off on their own or you can cut them off with scissors. If and since the rubber band is tightly wound around the keloids, they'll cut off the circulation to the ear and the keloid, so it won't hurt. After removing them, every day, you want to take care of them by applying the vasoline to the back of the ear. Every day, you should allow it to scab up but you have to naturally let them peel away. You can cut them off once they're basically hanging by a thread or wait for them to fall off. That's your choice. The time it takes to fall off as well depends on the person. Like I mentioned before, make sure to take care of your ears if and whenever they bleed.

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I didn't get my ears pierced until middle school and didn't wear the studs long before weaeung earrings from a friend. (Bad idea) A year or so later u developed keloids on both ears but on my right ear it was much bigger. For years I would wear my hair down to cover it or wear scarves and things to tie around my head so it was not seen. I would hide it from those I was in a relationship with as well. Long story short I ended up getting the larger noticeable one surgically removed. I know wear springbacks and magnetic esrrings and wish I could wear all the cute earrings :(. But it's not worth the embarrassment I felt for 8 years. I wish everyone the best!!

Hey guys,
I have had keloids for about 4 years now and I recently went to the Dermatologist and I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of doctors about keloids. (I do not know why I didn't go sooner...) DO NOT TRY AND REMOVE THEM AT HOME!!! THEY WILL GROW BACK BIGGER THAN BEFORE!!! The reason they grow back is because a keloid is an abnormal growth of scar tissue and when you get them removed or try to remove them it causes scar tissue to form around the removal site, and if you are susceptible to keloids you will more often then not have the keloid regrow. I have been getting Cortisone injections (intralesional steroids) in my keloids for about 3 months. I am supposed to get the injections every 2ish weeks, and the keloids would be gone by now but I have not been diligent about going to the dermatologist. However, after the 5 times I went and got them injected I have seen significant improvement. Because keloids can become an issue when they are in certain areas such as the face, nose, tongue (yes I have seen a keloid on a tongue, my coworker had her tongue pierced and a keloid started growing) it can be a legitimate health concern, for that reason the injections of any keloids are covered with health insurance depending on the type of coverage you have. Just please don't try and remove them at home because they will be gone for a little while, then they just grow back. Hope everyone gets their keloids fixed!!

hey guys,
i had around four to five piercings on my ear. But one developed into a bump which i thought was some sort of infection. Once I took my earring off, it slowly started becoming big. I was really embarrassed to wear my hair up.I did try the rubber band method, and my keloid dried and fell off. And in a month, it grew all the more bigger.Then i had it surgically removed and I've had two steroid injections on the scar site and i have been using kelicoid cream ever since. By god's grace, it hasn't grown back.Hopefully it doesn't

Hey Everyone, So after reading this and many other blogs, plus watching clips on youtube I decided to go ahead and try to remove my keloids this way. I had/have two keloids on my lower left ear from an industrial piercing. They were relatively small (front one maybe half a cm in width, back one maybe twice that). Its day five and the front one has already come off and the back one is half off, They haven't bleed and show no signs of infection.What is worrying me is that where the bar from my industrial piercing went through the cartilage the piercing hole itself has turned black from loss of blood (it can be seen on the outside of my ear due to the piercing being really close to the surface). It has been over a year since I took the bar out and I honestly thought the hole had completely healed. I was also extremely careful about the placement of the rubber bands I used. Has anyone else had this problem? Or do they know if I'm going to end up losing a small piece from my ear (still preferable to having the keloids)Any advice and/or knowledge would be extremely appreciated.

Am also on day 3, using the rubber band method on my chest keloid. It has swelled up & showing no signs of reduction. it looks filled up with blood & occasionaly bleeds, am nw worried something could be wrong :(

Visible results usually aren't noticed until the 4th or 5th day, when it turns black and shrivels (indicating complete restriction of blood flow). In my case, however, I went the extra mile and endured the pain most would consider excruciating and got my keloid to turn black within two days.

@keloidkiller, I wouldn't recommend doing the same method I did for chest keloids or other keloids on the body besides the ears which worked for me. Another commenter said she used the Scar Away Silicone Sheets and she noticed a reduction on the scars. The silicone sheets can be found at local pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS for around $20.
@naturalplantsmoker I'm glad yours are off now but be sure to take care of it. The scabbing and purple will go away the more you take care of it.

I'm on day 3 of this procedure and my ear has started to swell immensely. Is this normal? What should signal that it's completely dead and ready to get cut?

I just snipped the keloid off, after the 3rd day. The back of my ear is still purple, hopefully due to the extreme contraction of the rubber bands and not keloid excess...

I have had keloids since I was in the 7th grade and now I'm in college. I've recently decided to try the rubber band method to remove my keloids but they are on the same ear one on the front and one on the back where it was pierced. I was debating if I should do them both at the same time or one at a time and let it heal in-between. Any advice

Guys, be sure to search on YouTube for "keloid removal rubber band" this is what gave me the idea and the courage to try this. If not for that, I wouldn't have had the courage to even try this. So, XOXO, please keep me updated on your progress, though.

did your keloid ever bleed when you had the rubberbands on them . its been 4 days for me and today my keloid is bleeding, will it ever stop??

Yeah, but they scabbed up which was good rather than having the keloid there once it comes off. The blood will dry up creating a scab. Be sure to treat it with peroxide and/or vasoline though.

i use peroxide and anti bacterial ointment

That'll work, remember to take care of it 3 times a day: Morning, afternoon and night.

Okay I had did the rubberband method & my keloid is hard as a hard smallers & it's scabbing do obesity for it to fall off on it own kuz it's to hard to cut with a sissors so do I leave it to let it fall off it self or can I put Vaseline to speed upon the healing so it will fall !

Be sure to treat it the way I advised and be patient with allowing it to fall. If you have more questions, check out my other story and check the girl in the YouTube video for more answers to your questions.

hey everyone,
Just wanted to share how I'm currently treating my keloid. I developed a keloid about a year ago from a surgery I had to remove a cyst. It's about 1 and a half inches long and about 1/3 of a inch wide. It's also 3-4 shades darker than my complexion.
I went to Ulta about 2 weeks ago and saw this product called ScarAway. It's like a silicone sheet. You're supposed to wear the sheet for 12 weeks. I'm finished week 1 but I definitely saw a change. I'm approaching week 2 now.
I have before and after pictures on my blog "Purging Pretty" (didn't want to post the link so yall would feel like I'm spam. You can just google the blog if you like.
But It really has shrunk a little in size and has lightened up. I really can't wait to see how it looks on week 12.

I've read the blog and am loving the results I'm seeing so far. Does this work for earlobe keloids or just keloids on the body?

I totally understand, I've been suffering with Keloids since I was 11 years old I'm now 20 and been to over 15 different doctors and with little success (very little) I still suffer from them. Growing up was very hard for me since they started to apear on my face when I was in the 11th grade, days I didn't want to go to school nor ride the bus just didn't want to be in public all together. I got the surgery to remove them off my face last year along with radiation and corisone injections, it has slowed the growth but they still are there. I hate talking about it and explaining it to people. Oh I forgot to mention I the areas I have keloids ( Jaw area, Upper chest, 2 small ones on each arm, shoulder blades, my lower back, as well in my private areas and upper thighs) I've gotten corisone injections for the ones in my jaw area, chest area and shoulder blades and back area. I've gotten the ones in my jaw area cut off but it hasn't done nothing but grow back but very slowly. Sometimes I think they will never come up with a cure that will permentally get rid of them for good. I would pay my last dollar just for every keloid on my skin to be gone and I can look normal again

Thanks for sharing your story, it's the world we live in. I wonder if you've ever looked into an ear, nose and throat doctor to see if they can offer any help. I still want to do this as well but if you have experience that I don't, I'd like to know more about it.

Hey guys. I empathize with you all!!<br />
<br />
In 2003 I was 15 and my sister and I wanted to get second piercings on our ears. We had the first ones back when we were like 8months old!! That is how the women back home (Tanzania, East Africa) do it, they pierce their babies when they are really small and can heal so so quickly. My mother had 3holes in each ear when she was growing up and only let the second two close up like in her 40's so she was fine with us doing it.<br />
<br />
My piercing healed well and so did my sisters but like 2months after it would hurt ever so often but there was no bleeding. Then it got so itchy and I would rub on it, then the keloids started, they grew from then on. by 2005 they were quite big and my self esteem was crushed! I dressed my hair to cover it and everything else. Till eventually my dad took me to his friend who was a dermatologist, he had a practice and after examining me agreed to remove them for me. We did the cortisone shots. Twice on each ear like 2weeks apart. He noticed my dad had a huge scar on his wrist and asked, that's when we told him about a mirror that shattered when he was lifting it may years back and that's just how it healed. He explained the whole keloid thing, that it runs in the family, even pointed out two more keloids my dad had, one on his chest from shaving and one on his back. I also had a small one on my leg from a childhood injury. We just figured they are scars. He said he'd do what was called an open wound surgery but I just remember my dad getting a second opinion and pp said open wound is tricky.<br />
<br />
The cortisone had made then softer, they hadn't shrunk that much but they were very soft I remember, so on the day of the surgery (still in 2005) he cut them and after that dressed the wound. I hoped that would be the end. 4 months later the itching started again and they grew back slowly. I was heart broken and decided I just had to live with them. My dad knew the doc so we payed like $250 total.<br />
<br />
Two years later (2007) after I finished my A-levels I got a job as a temp receptionist at an Embassy. The lady who worked there saw my scars and would say in passing just get them removed girl! You don't have to deal with them. I was like it's a long story and we went on with our day. Another time during lunch she said I keep telling you to see a doctor and remove them, why aren't you keen? So I explained the whole ordeal to her and she said shame! I'm telling you cause I had them, a little bigger than yours but now they are gone! She said the doctor did it, the surgery was an hour max and that was the end of it. She gave me the doctors number. He worked at the cancer Institute back home.<br />
<br />
I was sceptical but everyday she saw me she'd say girl you don't have to go through that. Until one time I called the doc. Went to see him and he said he doesn't practise any more, he lectures these days. He said you are young and pretty so I'll see what I can do, come a week later. He needed to speak to a radiologist friend of his. <br />
<br />
The following week I went. He sat me down and explained the whole keloid issue again. Said that chances of it growing back are high but that he has dealt with loads of cancer patients will all kinds of tumours and scars and the key was the radiation he'd do after ...(which the other doctor didn't do OR mention)... Like to kill the cells in the surrounding area and also the skill involved in closing up the wound so as to ensure no blood supply to the area. I must say I was young and didn't get most of it. This doctor was so cheap and did it more cause I was referred by a friend. He charged me like $100max!! and I had the money so I didn't even tell my family. He gave me cortisone injections that day on both ears and said come day after tomorrow, I have the radiation guy booked. Said there can be maximum 10mins between the time he stitches me up and the radiation therapy is done so I should be on time.<br />
<br />
On that day he cut it. He just gave me numbing shot for the area like local anaesthesia and I could see him hovering on each side since I lay face down. In like 20mins he was done, he put them on his tray and showed them to me I remember till this day. Then rushed me in a wheelchair to the radiation lab, we were there in like 8mins. The radiation guy said you are so young so take care of yourself and make sure you don't have to get radiation treatment again any-time soon. After 15mins I was done!<br />
<br />
The doctor asked me if I wanted to keep them or he can throw them away. He said you should remember that you are beautiful without all these accessories don't pierce any part of your body. Also I must be careful not to be too rough since keloids are part of my gene structure. Bid me farewell and I drove back home. My ears/ wounds were dressed of course.<br />
<br />
It's 2012 and I am sooo grateful to God they have NOT grown back. No scarring my ears are just flat! I still have my first hole but I only wear pure gold or pure silver.<br />
<br />
BAD NEWS: I had a pimple on my chest it became a keloid scar, and end of last year I had one on my face close to my ear and it became a keloid scar! It just looks like a bad acne bump (size wise) but I'm so afraid it might grow bigger. I plan on just leaving them both, the one on my chest is a little bigger (like a huge pimple/cystic acne kinda) but I just have to wear outfits that cover it and I use make up for my face. I feel like I'm older and more confident in who I am and these scars don't bother me so much. I love myself and my keloids, it sucks when pp stare at it but I'm ok with myself.<br />
<br />
I really hope you guys can get help and from someone who is genuine and won't rip you off. The doctor mentioned a couple of post above sounds really good too since Tanzania may be too far for most of you. I live in South Africa now though. I pray you guys grow to be more confident with who you are and don't be too frustrated with the scars. I am also SUPER careful with acne on my face since I am prone to them. DON'T mess with your pimples keloid family, LEAVE them alone, they will go away. Also be careful when shaving, be GENTLE, any scar or cut can end up bad.<br />
<br />
Love you body it's your home :)

Been using kelocote about 2 weeks now and I am noticing a little difference, keloid is a bit less pronounced. Still got a good 2-3 months worth left of it but will keep you posted.

im 16 year old.<br />
i gotten my ears pierced when i was in 7 grade.<br />
i started notice my keloid on my ears in 9 grade.<br />
it really wasnt a big of a deal when i had notice it.<br />
i kept still wearing earrings nd kept change them too then i had notice that the keyloid gotten even big on my ears.<br />
it gotten big that i cant put no more earrings in my ears hole.<br />
i use my hair to hide it because i know somebody will notice it and start making fun of me.<br />
i really wish i can wear my hair in a ponytail but i can't beacuse of the keyloid on my ears.<br />
so please please someone could help me on how to get rid of them.

I had my ears pierced about 7 years ago, roughly a year after I noticed the keloid forming. I got both ears pierced and, oddly enough, it is only the back of my left ear that flared up. I had also had my ears pierced when I was younger, about 10, but nothing happened. As well as scars and tattoos, none of which keloid has occurred.<br />
<br />
It's good to hear other people's stories and know that I'm not alone, it is SUCH a pain, I have resorted to wearing hats a lot of the time and have always had my hair relatively long to try and cover it up. But as soon as the wind blows or anything, it's on display. Sort of got to the point where I actually don't like people behind or to the left of me in case they get a glimpse!<br />
<br />
Anyway, I have just ordered some kelocote on ebay to see how it goes, as I know a lot of horror stories of surgery and even the steroid injections making them come back like the sequel to some disturbing horror movie.<br />
<br />
I will keep you posted, once it arrives, to the success of the gel. I'm keeping my hopes up anyway; I could do with a change of hairstyle lol.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you all anyway and keep your chins up!<br />
<br />

When I was young, I got my ears pierced when I was 12 and a couple of months later, I noticed the keloids. The doctors said that one was the size of a Golf ball. It was very difficult to deal with the kids teasing. I think it may have been because I took my studs out too early. My mom quickly took me to the doctors, this was back in 1991-1992 and the doctors took them off. It was covered by insurance, but the doctors worded it to not make it a comestic procedure. They came back about a year later, so when I was 25 (2004) I got them removed again and so it's now 2012 and they have not been back. I was comtemplating getting my ears piered again, but I now I changed my mind since it brought back those horrible memories of how people starred at me like I was a science project. :( I will stick with clip-on's forever. Macy's has really cute clip-on's and now there are many sites that have nice stylish earrings.

I can see how that's working out for you. My keloids have been off for 2 months and I don't want to get my ears re-pierced either. I'll try to look into buying clip-ons, too but where do you buy your clip-on earrings?

I had my keloids removed in 2008 the one in the right never came back but the one in the left came back and i just recently had it removed feb7th 2012 im hoping it dosnt come back. The place i went go based on your income the clinic is called Denver Harbor Clinic 424 Hahlo Street Houston, TX 77020
(713) 674-3326 they did a great job on my ear and i paid less than $20 to get them removed im also looking to buy clip ons i've found some on their pretty cheap they also have magnetic ones they also have some in im not sure about inside the store that's something im going to have to check out has some too or even if you just google non pierced ears earrings some will come up.


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Dimples 87......Did your at home remedy work.....

Yeah, the home remedy worked and the keloids have been off for over a month and a few weeks.

I have a large keloid on my neck.. i keep it covered with my hair. Its about 3 inches in length and 1 inch wide. I am very skeptical about having surgery to remove it. I was wondering have you ever researched any alternative methods such as healing the keloid from the inside out.

Never, ever, ever let anyone convince you to have surgery on a keloid unless you are planning to follow it up with some seriously radical cytotoxic interventions (think anti-tumour drugs, radiotherapy etc).

One method that does work a treat is intra-lesional bleomycin, if you can find someone to administer it (and fork out the cost, which is usually high). You will need a local anaesthetic first as it is exceedingly painful otherwise. There are published articles on it from groups that have used it can check PubMed or Science Direct and search for the necessary key words. A few years ago I had to use it on three keloids that were growing fast in some terrible places. Two flattened COMPLETELY (you can see a hint of shiny flat skin, but that's all); the keloid on my chest, which was significantly older and a little larger than the other two, also flattened beautifully but not totally; I only had three treatments and it would probably work better if I had more, but I am hesitant to do so... bleo is originally a chemotherapy drug, but I guess you could argue that keloids are a form of locally aggressive (but systemically benign) neoplasm/tumour. Unlike steroids, which seem to have a very variable outcome (I should know, I've tried them many times), bleo seems consistently quite effective.

Anyway. Tea Tree Oil is also fantastic, minimally invasive stuff, and helps the itching like a dream. I'm all about that at the moment. Kelocote has been raved about far and wide, and I do have a tube, but it's horrendously expensive this side of the equator and I use it sparingly; perhaps that's why I've been fairly underwhelmed by it so far.

Recently I met an old acquaintance who was burned extensively as a child, with terrible keloids over face, neck and body, and hers are flattening beautifully (as in, you won't believe the difference!) after about three years of consistently and thoroughly massaging with Bio Oil... Again, popular opinion on the effectiveness of this remedy has been lukewarm at best, but then again I don't know if the respondents used the oil as long, dedicatedly or consistently as my acquaintance. Best wishes, I hope you find something that works. Keep us posted...

I have never explored having them removed in other terms but then again, I've never had them anywhere except on the back of my earlobes. I'd recommend you use some sort of cream or silicone to remove them. Keep us posted, I'll look into it.

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Alas, that only works for pedunculated keloids (sigh). I am trying the Tea Tree Oil option and it is absolutely great for reducing itching, pain etc. Only time will tell if it helps the scar itself. Also trying Kelocote but I have to admit I think that for the price, I'm pretty underwhelmed so far.<br />
<br />
What makes you think the ear keloid won't come back bigger and badder? Afterall, you are traumatizing skin that responds to trauma by forming excessive scar tissue...

I don't think it'll come back but if it does just do the same procedure. I mean, it's ripping that scar tissue where the keloid was away right where it stands.
Yesterday, I finally cut off the keloids. I didn't feel any pain with the rubber band being on there after 7 days. I'm still applying the peroxide and using neosporin until I get some petroleum jelly. I am finally glad they're off.
There was no bleeding on the left since I started with that one first but there was a lot of blood from the left. However, it didn't hurt at all. I recommend going slow with it and don't freak out about the way it looks. That's normal.


I am 19 and have a horrible keloid on my cartilage due to a piercing about 5 years ago. I cannot wear an earring anymore as its just too big. I have been trying home remedies for a couple of years now but nothing seems to help. I recently bought kelocote, and that didn't seem to do anything, and tea tree oil actually seemed to make it bigger! I need help, its growing faster than ever. I have even tried to drain it to check it wasn't a cyst but it just bleed, a lot! I keep fiddling with it aswell which i don't think is good for it. I went to see my doctor a couple of months ago but she siad there was nothing she could do. I'm a student so can't afford surgery, but does anyone know a good dermatologist or anyone that will treat it in the area of London? It's really getting me down, my boyfriend obviously knows but wouldn't ever cristise cos he knows how much it gets me down. I hate having to worry every time the wind blows, or when i go swimming, or just constantly checking that its covered up! I am quite good at hiding it, but its getting bigger and I'm worried I won't be able to anymore. My parents don't even know but I just don't know how to tell them. Any advice on what to do? Reading all these posts has made me realise that there might be some hope. So thank you.<br />

I recently wrote a story which updated you all on my keloids and how I planned to remove them. I came across 3 videos on YouTube that is a home remedy that I think will work great for you. I don't think you should fiddle with them if you want it to get better any time soon.
That being said, the remedy I came across was 2 girls who used this same method I'm about to tell you about. At this present time, even I am trying it and it seems to be working. So, I think you should try to remove them yourself with the following options (remember, no fiddling with them - let nature take its course):
(1) Wrap rubber bands tightly around each keloid (have your boyfriend assist you); at first it will hurt and feel like a stitching pain but you get used to it -- remember to breathe and soon the spot will become numb. The next day, it'll turn purple and/or black.
(2) After applying the rubber bands, apply peroxide and/or alcohol to keep bacteria from the keloid and stop infection. Remember to replace the rubber bands every day and repeat the process of taking care of it everyday with the peroxide and/or alcohol as well
(3) Ask your boyfriend what it looks like, or check the back of your ear with a handheld mirror. You might notice puss and blood but be sure to treat it with the peroxide/alcohol which may burn a bit but breathe through the pain.
(4) As you repeat the process, every day the keloid will detach itself from the ear through the rubber band, dragging it further from the ear. Repeat this process for 7-10 days, and soon the keloid will fall off on the tenth day or the day after. After it's off, the back of your ear will look like a sore or a scab on your skin. Treat that with peroxide/alcohol as well but add some petroleum jelly/Neosporin to the scab so it will become easier to peel away. Keep applying even after the scab has gone away but use tea tree oil as well because it's good to use for that area as well.
Be patient with the process. Don't pick with it whatsoever. Take your mind off of it by doing something else with your days. Hope it works. TTYS!

I had keloids as a teenager. I got my ears pierced with a gun, and had keloids in both of my ears. The dermatologist gave me steroid shots and I used the steroid tape for a couple years. I had to stop wearing my earrings because it was impossible with the keloids, and I hid them with my hair until some friends saw them and told me I needed to see a doctor. And had to reluctantly tell my mother about them. But they are completely gone, no trace at all. I think the steroid tape really helped, well the injections too of course.<br />
The dermatologist told me I could never have any other piercings or tattoos. I had my nipples pierced at the time, and never had keloids on them thankfully. <br />
<br />
I am friends with a lot of piercers and I asked them about this problem and they told me that getting them pierced with a needle is less damaging to your dermis than the gun. When the gun pierces your ear it just pushes the stud without removing any skin. When you go to a professional piercer they use a needle which removes the skin and replaces with the ring. That was the logic from the piercers... take it or leave it. I think if you are really prone to keloids you'll get them no matter what.<br />
Since I also want my ears to be pierced, I got them professionally pierced 2 years ago and I don't have keloids yet. I have been taking really good care of them, barely change the jewelry from this ring.

Wow, that's amazing, has to be one of the best keloid success stories I've come across, and I've heard many. I am inclined to think you are right, though: "true" keloid formers will form keloids however the trauma occurs. I have one on my back which, for all intents and purposes, seems to have been spontaneous. So, it would seem there is no escape from my genes.
On the bright side, I have just bought a tube of kelocote and am alternating it with agnijith: I use the latter to massage my keloids, which does seem to soften them a little, but is not as effective as promised on the website and by an uncle who allegedly used it to flatten one behind his head. Only a few days into kelocote and it might be my imagination, but the itching definitely seems to be less, and I think the two-method approach is bringing a hell of a lot of relief; I used to be in constant pain, and the itching was unbearable. Only time will tell, though. Perhaps we should all keep posting, to provide some guidance for others out there as to what may or may not work.

@lwms: I think if they're small enough, a cream should work on making them disappear. My husband bought me some silicone liquid (ScarGuard) to add to the keloid. It worked for mine and I did notice some change in mine even though mine are big. I believe it'll work for you and it doesn't matter how long you've had them.

I have had my keloids for maybe 7 to 8 years they are small on each ear and I have learned to live with them!! I would like to try the Kelo-cote or some other type of cream but was wondering by me waiting this long to try something do you think it is even worth a try????

((((((((((((( HUGS ))))))))))))<br />
<br />
It sounds like you are all pretty distressed by your keloids. I hope that with time, you will -- each of you -- either find a way to reduce them or even find a way to learn to live with them.<br />
<br />
Take care --<br />
<br />

@csshop: So, you just lay the sheet on the keloid? How does it lay on your ears? Does it flatten it? You've said it shrinks the keloid which is good. I just want mines gone because I've had them too long and have done pretty much nothing with or to them. The cream I bought in Houston worked but that one was too expensive.

Oh Dimples87, I guess I forgot to mention that I tried that!!! I tried to get 2nd holes when I was a teen and those keloid. I had both those removed with my first surgery. So that won't help. Re-piercing in a different location is not the answer. It will probably keloid too. It's a risk.<br /> may be happy to know I JUST discovered a possible solution!!! I purchased this silicone gel a bout a year ago when I noticed it first hardening behind my ear. I remember barely using it, so I probably never gave it a real chance. And I was getting injections etc so I just thought I had the situation under control. Well, I just stumbled across it after reading somebodys story hear that said the gel worked but was expensive. I started putting the gel on my keloid...and it IS SHRINKING!!!! I am so excited!!!! This gel is like magic or something b/c it is shrinking the keloid. And it is not as red or hurts anymore. I really will be satisfied if it gets down to a small size where I can still wear my earrings forever and just never grow big. I would be okay w/that than to do another burn it off surgery!!! So I've just purchased large tubes of the gel b/c I'm gonna be faithful w/puttng this gel on until it soften and shrinks this thing all the way down!!!<br />
The gel is called kelo-cote! It is not very expensive. My tube is the smallest but is about $30 on ebay or some other discount sites. If you buy it off the manufactor website, you may pay $40 for it. And they have larger tubes that are like $100 but one small tube at a time is fine! I wash the area every morning, douce with alcohol and then apply the gel. It's been shrinking this thing and I've only been doing this for about a week!<br />
So if your keloid is hurting and growing, get some of this silicone sheeting gel and be faithful with your application. It WORKS!!!!

@csshop: Thanks for commenting on my story. I'll consider what you've learned the hard way. I think I'll pierce it away from the keloid and keep that piercing in for the proper 8 weeks they say to keep it in. I won't pierce it in the same spot because of your cautionary tale.

I am so inspired by all of your stories. I am almost 40 years old and I have had to deal w/ earlobe keloids since I was a teen also. So I feel all of your pain.<br />
I was blessed to have the keloids removed and paid for by my health insurance. But like someone mentioned earlier, you have to tell them it hurts, it interferes with work. You are depressed, and just go 10 times overboard to get your primary care doctor to get it approved. But whatever it takes, if you can't afford to pay it out of pocket, cry your eyes out and scream like it is throbbing and hurting constantly!:-)<br />
My issue is....I HATE clip ons, they hurt. And I love earrings. I want to wear earrings. Diamond studs and diamond hoops!!! So, after having my keloids removed...I waited 5 years and got my ears re-pierced. The keloid on my left ear grew back small and was soft. The pierced hole was still fine and I could still wear earrings right through the keloid. But the one in my right ear grew large and stayed hard until I eventually couldn't wear earrings anymore. I was about 20 at that time. It took about 3 years after re-piercing for it to grow back. Soooo, I whined to the next doctor and got approved for surgery AGAIN and said I would rid myself of earrings forever since once removed, they didn't grow back. <br />
Buuuuuuut, I got the bug again as an adult when I turned 35!! I right ear had 15 years to heal, surely it wouldn't grow back if I pierced it a 3rd time. And my left ear I could still put an earring through the small, soft keloid behind my ear. I am, turning 40 this year and my right ear is starting to grow ANOTHER hard keloid. I had steroid injections and tried all kinds of creams and everything to keep it from growing out. I STILL am wearing my pierced earrings but my guess is, it will eventually get too large to continue wearing them. I was hoping it was just stay small like the one on my left ear and I could still wear my earrings and be okay with it!!! Well, so far NO good. I have been trying the pressure earrings which flatten the keloid but it just grows right back within the hour. And it HURTS!!!! Those earrings hurt!!! So I don't know if I am just ******* the thing off by flattening it and then it just grows I put my earrings back in for the day! I can't help it! I WANT SO BAD to just wear my earrings. And I didn't change a lot or wear cheap earrings. I wear the same 2 pair of white gold earrings. But unfortunately, I don't think cheap earrings are the cause of keloid formation. The piercing scar itself is. Sooooooo....I say all that to say, my advice is to NOT try to re-pierce the ear after having it removed. The best treatment is the cryotherapy thing where they burn it off and then get the sterioid injections. That works. ANd leave the ears alone. Be satisfied with never being able to wear earrings again b/c that is the only thing I am guessing I will have to learn to live with. But for now....I'm gonna ride out these expensive earrings I bought until I can't wear them anymore. THEN I'll go to my primary doctor and cry the blues to have the surgery for the 3rd and last time!!!!!<br />
Hang in there guys! The world is so advanced there will be some new treatment out there one day real soon!!!!

I also have quite a few keloids. The one on my chest is particularly unsightly and I hate wearing revealing tops. But I think with time I could deal with it if I could only find a way of knowing that I wouldn't get anymore. I live in absolute horror of any injury, and surgery is...well, let's just say there are many things I would do before ever agreeing to go under the knife.<br />
So I do feel for you guys and understand you deeply, especially the younger respondents who are still discovering how horrible and hurtful people can be when they see you are different.<br />
<br />
An afterthought: intra-lesional bleomycin (an anti-tumour drug) works wonders, though the process involves several painful injections and hellishly painful ulcers, which do heal flatter. The skin is not perfect but I have found it much better than steroids for recurrence. The only setback is that this is a highly toxic drug, and so for obvious reasons it's hard to find anyone who will give you the injection. You also definitely need a local anaesthetic in before the injection as it would simply be far too painful to administer otherwise (trust me). Lastly, I think you are only allowed a set dosage per lifetime, so it's not guaranteed treatment for a lifetime of keloids.<br />
<br />
I am really proud of all of you for sharing, I appreciate finding out there are others like me out there. It can be very lonely being "deformed" in a world that values perfection, especially when you are young and female. (Not that men do not also suffer deeply, of course.) Strength to you all.

Hi Karenlee,<br />
you may want to also try taking some folic acid tabs....I am taking that now with everything else that I have been doing and it seem to help.....folic acid is good for women who want to get pregnant but I also read it that can help people with is definitely worth a try......and I know how you feel....