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I have no idea how many scars I have, especially since on my arms I just have weird random-looking scar tissue. Pretty much all my scars are from self-inflicted wounds, and they are all over my body. Well, not quite ALL over, they're mostly on my arms, thighs, and a couple on the backs of my hands (who knew glass could cut skin so cleanly? Maybe it won't with this glass... Nope, still does.) I, also, have the scars on my heels from shoes and such, I think those came into being mostly on a rainy day when I had to walk to school, and my socks weren't quite tall enough. My thighs mostly are just covered in scars from cuts, and that's what some of my arm is, too, except there's the random-looking scar tissue just chilling there, too. That scar tissue, is from one night when I'm fairly sure I went insane (although some would argue I'm always pretty crazy) and to make a long story short I pretty much scratched half the skin off both my arms using mostly just my thumbnail (and to makes it all the better, I had "The Night Santa Went Crazy" by Weird Al, stuck in my head, and I couldn't remember the lyrics!) So, that was a fun experience... I will say I don't recommend it, though. Sadly, I still struggle with self-harm, and more scars are likely to come (here that, folks!? There's more to come! I don't even know...)
laquera laquera
18-21, F
Apr 23, 2012